Justin Bieber’s Long Post Reviewing His Suffering and Healing from the Drug Problem

On September 2nd, 2019, pop star Justin Bieber posted a long article on his Instagram to share the suffering brought by drug abuse and how he healed from the pain.


Screenshot from Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Justin starts the post by describing how desperate he has been when surrounded by all kinds of luxuries but there is no way for him to feel fulfilled. He looks back to past life and points out that being famous at adolescence influences him very much. Justin admits that he was not mature enough to handle the situation of being world-known overnight. He was at a loss for some time, gradually taking all praises for granted. The bad side of being a renowned child star is that “humility comes with age. You hear these things enough as a young boy and you actually start believing it”. Compliments followed by harsh critics is too much to digest for a teenager. That is also the trigger for Justin to throw himself to drugs.

“Being on stage according to studies is a bigger dopamine rush than almost any other activity…so these massive ups and downs on their own are very hard to manage. You notice a lot of touring bands and people end up having a phase of drug abuse, and I believe it’s due to not being able to manage the huge ups and downs that come with being an entertainer.”

As a child star with everything being well prepared for him, Justin acknowledges that he did not take any lessons from his own life and made so many bad decisions without awareness of the significance of responsibility. Justin is brave when he confesses in the post that drug abuse leads to negative consequences.  

“I Became resentful, disrespectful to women, and angry. I became distant to everyone who loved me, and I was hiding behind, a shell of a person that I had become. I felt like I could never turn it around.”

As all drug users, Justin spent enormous time to be on the right track again both physically and emotionally. He thanks the God bless and treats marriage as the cure for him to be out of the difficulties.

This cure can not only be useful and meaningful for Justin. It can also be useful for everyone who is struggling with drug problems. It does not necessarily mean that everyone should be married. Through the marriage, the fundamentally important thing found here is the love and supports from a caring person. The caring person could be the wife. It also could be a parent, a brother, a sister or a friend.


The Picture is from Justin Bieber’s Instagram

It is a great lesson for us. People with drug problems could try to ask for help from a person who really cares about them and gain strength to overcome the difficulties. Vice on versa, if someone around you is struggling with something, which might be a drug problem or some other physical or mental problems, you could show your sympathy and give them a hand to get rid of the dilemma.

Justin’s post shows his bravery to face the shamed past and trace the reason that has eroded his life. Justin’s post also serves as an encourage for us to know that there is always a way to solve the problem. We might do something disgraceful in the past, but more important thing is to redeem ourselves and let the shame out of the way to a better future.

There are some other lessons from Justin’s post. He mentions that child stars are actually put under pressure beyond the imagination. Former Disney star Kyle Massey wrote under that post

“This is so powerful. I experienced ups and downs in my life being a ‘celebrity’ and the point of view of the child star is one most people and media ignore. It’s a blessing to be a part of an industry like entertainment and growing up in it is a dream. My family and friends are the ONLY reason why I have been able to keep myself true and down to earth and my head on straight. Thank you for this post @justinbieber this just uplifted my day. Thank you for the love you spread. The world needs more of you. Never stop believing.”

This topic is worth noticing and discussing. Some people may say these children gain reputation at a young age and can enjoy their life to fullest by what they have earned from entertainment industry. It is not a surprise they have to pay for something, like the critics and pressure caused by them. However, we must remember, these child stars are still children. Like every child and every one else in the world, attention should be paid to their mental states. They bring so many happiness for us audience and we could be a real supporter for them as a payback. It is much easier to be nice —– listen to their songs, watch films starred by them, give positive feedbacks on internet and give constructive advices —- than being a bystander who just gives random and irresponsible comments without considering the harmful effects.

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