Official Awards of the 76th Venice Film Festival are Announced

The 76th Venice Film Festival awards ceremony was held on Saturday 8th, September at 7:00 pm. Awards are announced.

The Post of Joker

The Post of Joker

Joker by Todd Phillips won the Golden Lion. Joker made its first appearance at Venice Film Festival and received positive feedbacks from film critics. It is not a big surprise that it can win Golden Lion. It is not a doubt that Joker will run for an Oscar award in 2020.

Arthur Fleck played by Joaquin Phoenix in this movie is a stand-up comedian. He was in a dire strait because of pressure and difficulties in life. Mental breakdown dominates him gradually and he begins to commits crimes crazily. Finally, he makes himself known as the notorious Joker and the biggest rivalry of the Batman. Joaquin Phoenix was also highly praised for his performance in this movie. The way to present and analyze how an ordinary person turns into a villain is the core of this film, which is also the part deserving the attention.

The Silver Lion is for J’ACCUSE by Roman Polanski. The movie is based on a true story. Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason by passing military secrets to Germans 1894. However, the exploration and investigation in next few years showed that the evidence for his crime was forged. The script writer is Robert Harris who is famous for The Ghost Writer. J’ACCUSE is also the first movie made by Roman Polanski after Metoo Movement.

The Post of Ji Yuan Tai Qi Hao

The Post of Ji Yuan Tai Qi Hao

The Hong Kong film No.7 CHERRY LANE (Ji Yuan Tai Qi Hao) wins the Best Screenplay. The story is about a complicated love story between a college student, a single mom and her young daughter with the background of riot breakdown in Hong Kong in 1960s under British colonization

Roy Andersson, the director of Roy Andersson, won the award for Best Director. The film was made by Sweden, Germany and Norway together. With a female narrator, the audience could see what she sees and feels what she feels. The special presentation gives audience a way to experience both beauty and cruelty in life across space and time.

Luca Marinelli won the award for Best Actor for his performance in Martin Eden. The film is adapted from Jack London’s novel with same title. The sailor Martin Eden is in love with Elena. Motivated by love for her, Eden made every effort to get rid of his humble origin by being a writer. Finally, he makes a fame and be a part of upper class. However, he is not fulfilled and has no way to run away from suffering brought by void. The story ends as a tragedy when Martin commits a suicide.

The award for Best Actress was given to Ariane Ascaride due to her performance in Gloria Mundi by Robert Guédiguian. Daniel struggled to adapt his new life after prison. His daughter just gave birth to a baby. His wife, played by Ariane Ascaride, is a self-employed driver but becomes a victim of furious taxi driver who want to reduce the pressure brought by unfair competition. The whole family tries their best to face the difficulties in life and suffers from pain inflicted by human darkness beyond the imagination.

La Mafia Non è Più Quella di Una Volta by Franco Maresco won the Special Jury Prize. This is a documentary film. The director got the aspiration when he worked to Letizia Battaglia, a photographer who used her pictures to tell stories about mafia.

Toby Wallace won the award for Best Young Actor or Actress in Babyteeth by playing a drug dealer. The film is about a teenager girl at the edge of death trying her best to enjoy the life to the fullest. The rebellion against traditional morality surfaces, which causes trouble to her parents, but finally all people find peace again through the life and death lesson.

Pedro Almodóvar accepted the award, Image from official site

Pedro Almodóvar accepted the award, Image from official site

Pedro Almodóvar, who is referred as the national treasure of Spain, is given the award for Lifetime Achievement. His films are widely known globally. Pedro Almodóvar declared: “I am very excited and honored with the gift of this Golden Lion. I have very good memories of the Venice Film Festival. My international debut took place there in 1983 with Dark Habits. It was the first time one of my films travelled out of Spain, it was my international baptism and a wonderful experience, as it was my return with Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown in 1988. This Lion is going to become my pet, along with the two cats I live with. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me this award”.

Another winner of the award for Lifetime Achievement is Julie Andrews who is famous for The Sound of Music. She gave a speech after accepting the award that “I am so honored to have been selected as this year’s recipient of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. The Venice Film Festival has long been recognized as one of the world’s most esteemed International Film Festivals. I thank La Biennale for this acknowledgement of my work and I look forward to being in that beautiful city in September for this very special occasion.”

Chinese director Lou Xie shows his new film Lan Xin Da Ju Yuan (Saturday Fiction) at Venice Film Festival. Super star Gong Li is among the main cast. War intelligence and love conspiracy can definitely intrigue the audience.

Pema Tseden also shows his new movie Qi Qiu, which tells how a condom stirs the life of a peaceful family. The movie is elevated by the director’s presentation of nature and exploration about samsara and feminism.

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