TV Shows Coming to Say Goodbye in 2020: Criminal Minds and How to Get Away with Murder

Fall is the season fans are always looking for. TV shows get back with new seasons. Criminal Minds (Season 15) and How to Get Away with Murder (Season 6) are among them. However, these two all kick off the final season. All good things must come to end and fans have to say goodbye.

Post of Criminal Minds Season 15

Post of Criminal Minds Season 15

Criminal Minds is one of most successful CBS’ dramas. After 14 seasons, new season will end with 10 episodes. Finally, the show will farewell to us with 325 episodes. It is said that nostalgia is one of the elements in final season. At the end of last season, JJ told Reid Spencer her lover for him and then how they will deal with the relationship is what fans care most in next season.

Criminal Minds is an exciting show by telling stories of series killers and how FBI agents from Behavior Analysis Unit use their special skills to pinpoint criminals. The show familiarizes “profile” to the public. It also provides a unique way through psychology for us ordinary people to understand why some crazy things happen in this world.

Some cases in Criminal Minds are inspired by true stories. In season 2, an episode is about two brothers hunting and killing people in forest. The hunting part can be traced to Robert Hansen, a bakery owner in Alaska, who hunted and killed at least 17 women between 1971 and 1983.

In season 4, two episodes are about a paralyzed older brother manipulated his mental disabled but strong younger brother to kill people. Then these victims’ bodies are fed to pigs. The story are based on a Canadian serial killed Robert Pickton who is called the Pig Farm Killer.

There is an episode alerting people about the existence of dark web with dangerous and illegal business on it. It also uses an episode about prison riot to suggest the possible sides effects brought by prison privatization. The show offers an access to audience to understand the Criminological Psychology. Audience can also get some reminders from the show about how to protect ourselves. Another feature of Criminal Mind is quotation from famous people at the beginning and the end of each episode. The quotation echoes with each episode and provoke audience to contemplate.

Post of Mind Hunter Season 2

Post of Mind Hunter Season 2

Usually the show will be connected to the book Mind Hunter – Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by an FBI agent John Douglas, who is the establisher of the unit of Behavior Analysis Unit. Although Criminal Minds will kick off the final season, another show Mind Hunter about profile by Netflix is widely popular. The story in Mind Hunter is set in late 1970s and it is about how two FBI agents develop “profile” and establish the Behavior Science Unit. John Douglas also works as a consultant and a script writer for Mind Hunter.

CBS also ends another criminal show in 2019. Elementary is Sherlock Holmes’ story in modern New York. It came out about the same time with BBC’s Sherlock. It is not a surprise these two shows will be compared together. Sherlock is a big hit. Elementary also wins a lot of fans. The relationship between Watson and Holmes in this show is creative. Watson does not serve as a motivating role to Sherlock’s genius. They two grow up together and Watson is a support for Sherlock. Watson being changed to a female role is another feature of this show. Moriarty and Irene are combined into one character. These innovative adaptations are still being discussed after the show is over.

Post of How to Get Away with Murder Season 6

Post of How to Get Away with Murder Season 6

Another show is coming to end in 2020 is How to Get Away with Murder. Annalise is back to the university and teach her students how to help the client get away with murder as an attorney. At the same time, Annalise and her interns also need to unify and struggle with danger, fear and guilt around them. How to get away with murder lesson definitely is practical in their real life. Viola Davis won an Emmy Award for her performance in this show in 2015.

What surprises audience is that the main character Wes is murdered in season 3. The following seasons are involved into more serious and dangerous conflicts due to Wes’ death. What Annalise and her interns face are not only an individual or a single case, they have to face the powerful influence from Laura’s family. At the end of last season, Laura and her baby are lost. Sam’s son is still around and the case of Sam’s murder is still a Damocles for them.

Laura has said that she could be Annalise’s intern because of her rich and powerful father and it is the same with Asher. Wes is in as a result of Annalise’s guilty. Oliver finds out that Annalise knows Michaela’s biofather. It seems somethings big is going to be exposed. Connor has ever questioned why an ordinary person is in Annalise’s circle. He feels it is unfair for him to be forced in all those conspiracies. With the final season, all these mysteries will come to light and there is still more to expect.

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