the best your favorite neutral news sites and youtube news channels

YouTube World News Channel
YouTube’s World News channel draws videos from the top news sources on the network to create a single news megachannel. If you’re a serious news buff, this is a great way to find all of the latest coverage, no matter who’s covering it. Expect dozens of new videos every day as the channel pulls in the best of what YouTube has to offer.
Not only is this a great place to keep an eye on all major events, you can also use it to find specific news channels to follow separately.

ABC News YouTube Channel
If you’re looking for traditional television news, ABC News is the best of the bunch when it comes to online programming. On this channel, you’ll find a stead stream of videos—about a dozen a day—covering the latest news and features from popular ABC shows like World News Now, 20/20, and Good Morning America. All of these videos are news snippets that are a few minutes long, taken directly from ABC News television programming, so you’ll get the sort of programming—and the quality—you’d expect on television.
However, you won’t find any full shows here—only clips of what ABC News thinks is most important. You may find that this is a good way to keep up with the news without the commercials and extras—but you may also feel like you’re missing out, too. Also, you’ll see a hefty amount of celebrity and fluff news. This may be a positive or a negative depending on your tastes.

New York Times YouTube Channel
You might not think of The New York Times as a video medium, but their YouTube channel is full of video content that supplements their text coverage. Expect to see a few new videos every day, which cover a broad range of subjects: you’ll find some breaking news, but more often videos on fashion, cooking, entertainment, politics, or just about any other topic you can imagine.

Al Jazeera English YouTube Channel
If it’s a 24/7 news network you’d like, Al Jazeera English offers a live stream of their current coverage on their YouTube page. This international news network provides stellar coverage of global news with the level of quality you’d expect from television news—but with a greater focus on world news than a domestic news network might have. In addition to their live stream, they post a lot of individual news reports as stand-alone videos for viewing whenever you like.
This is a high-volume channel that posts 30 or more new videos a day, ranging from news coverage that’s a few minutes long to in-depth interviews that can be a half hour or longer. If you’re interested in international news or events, you can’t do better than Al Jazeera English.

The Young Turks YouTube Channel
If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more modern, The Young Turks may be what you’re after. This network produces original online news programming, and with over a million YouTube subscribers, it easily bests the subscriber counts of more traditional sources. (ABC News, with 579,000 subscribers, is the next nearest.)
Expect around a dozen new videos a day ranging from a couple of minutes to around ten—and plenty of edgy content that you wouldn’t see on the network news.

SourceFed YouTube Channel
Like The Young Turks, SourceFed is a popular YouTube news channel with over a million subscribers—but where The Young Turks aims to present itself like a professional news network, with hosts and commentators wearing suits (if not so formal as wearing ties), SourceFed is a lot more casual, with hosts wearing t-shirts.
Squarely targeting a young online audience, SourceFed covers a range of odd and interesting news stories, but don’t expect standard breaking news coverage here. The channel posts about 5 new videos a day, most only a few minutes long, though SourceFed does have several regular shows that run in the 15 to 20 minute range.

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