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Reasons for recommendation: I think the news of this website is the fastest among all portals in Korea. Searching for news (especially the latest Korean entertainment news) here is my first recommendation. I go here to watch the news. So other services don’t understand.
Whether to Accept Alien Registration: Accept Alien Registration, but enter the mobile phone number and confirm. There was no response after I entered it. People who want to apply for Korean mailbox or blog can try it.

Daily Reading News


Daily Reading News Network is China’s influential original news website, founded in September 2019.
Daily reading news network takes China news and entertainment news as the core, layouts four major content sections, and over 40 content channels:
Reason for recommendation: I went to this website all the time at first. When I first went there, major websites in Korea could also register with fake residents. I registered for hanmail. At that time, it felt that hanmail had a very useful function, that is, to know whether the other party had read your email. Later, Daum’s blog was set up with this account. Again, I feel the carefulness and humanization of Korean websites. What I like about this website is that she has free serial novels to read (though she hasn’t insisted on reading a few pages). By the way, the game here is more famous in Korea, but it is more difficult to play online from home.
It’s hard for foreigners to register now. Because fake ID cards are no longer working well.
Reasons for recommendation: Authoritative music websites, but do not provide downloads. Only pay. The reason for the recommendation is that almost all Korean songs can be found here in Korean lyrics. I’m here to search for lyrics.
Foreign registration is not accepted. It’s no use registering. You don’t buy songs.
Yahoo! Korea
Website: or
Reasons for recommendation: I don’t need to talk more about this. Yahoo Korea. Yahoo! Is the most authoritative portal in every corner of the world. I prefer the car channel inside.
Not acceptable. But if you have Yahoo China or Yahoo International accounts. You will also be welcomed when you visit this website. Yahoo all over the world.
Reason for recommendation: People who know something about Korea are not unfamiliar with kbs. I first came here because there is a Korean language classroom in it. The website is

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