what’s best news website for unbiased uk news ?

I’ll admit I struggle with pretty much all of them. The Independent/Guardian/BBC/ES/Times/FT on one side, the Mail/Telegraph/Express on the other. They are all biased, some more obviously so than others.

The BBC is particularly galling because it used to be a very good source for news but it’s standards have, sadly, massively dropped in the last 5–10 years. It may be just that it feels the need to justify ratings and ends up copying everyone else. It spends way too much time brown nosing the parliamentary establishment for my taste. Andrew Neil is usually OK. Why do they feel the need to read the newspaper, twitter or internet blogs to me? Nor do I have any idea why they have to do jokey introductions to every news piece. It’s like they think we all suffer from ADHD and need the pretty colours or something.

If you are looking for original, in-depth investigative journalism, then you are pretty much out of luck at the moment. Things like Brexit and the Russian business is so dominating the news at present, that not much else is getting any column space unless its got something to do with activities of so-called celebrities (most of whom are a complete mystery to me).

I usually avoid Internet News because it reads like the journalists are foaming at the mouth as they type their copy. I have been trying out “The People’s News” and “Spiked” recently. To be fair, they make an interesting alternative and have the benefit of having different views to each other. But not as a main source of news (yet). I have no doubt the time will come when all the news is delivered by the Internet. And, no, I don’t mean the Mail Online.

Huffington Post? Might as well read “The Spoof”.

The only sensible solution I use is to pick a couple on opposite sides and look at them them both (briefly). Which to pick? I would say the ability to write at least one paragraph of half-decent English is a help. That eliminates most of them in one go. So I look at the Guardian on one side (I can handle all the typos) and either the Mail or the Telegraph on the other. For the purposes of this discussion, the Independent does not count as a newspaper and has not done for some years.

It’s important to avoid any editorial comment sections, CIF in the Guardian, and any readers letters if you want to remain calm and collected. My partner listens to LBC a lot, but I am not so keen. It always sounds to me like they write their ideas in green crayon (both the presenters and those that phone the programs).

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