why is the news called the news ?

News is often called news, or news in a narrow sense. It is one of the most widely used news genres in newspapers, radio and television news. The specific characteristics of the message are different, so it can be divided into different types.News is often called news. The word “news” can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. Broad sense of news refers to the general name of various types of news, including news, communications, features, investigation reports, etc., and narrow sense of “news” refers to news. What we are talking about here refers to the narrow sense of news.News is the most widely and frequently used news genre in newspapers, radio and television. It is the leading role of newspapers and the most frequent form of news reporting. According to statistics, the Associated Press and the United States publish more than 3 million words a day, of which two-thirds are news. Definition of new news: A news style that reports newly discovered and valuable facts in a concise and clear language in a timely manner.

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