what news websites do you use for transfer news and european football news ?

1. Short and concise: news should be short and concise, which is the basic requirement of news writing. As far as news gathering and writing is concerned, it is convenient for small journalists to write short messages so as to report news facts quickly and timely, and also to exercise their ability to gather and write news. As far as readers read news, it is easy to read.
2. The language is vivid and concise: only the language of news is vivid and concise can it attract readers.
3. “Inverted Pyramid” Structure: News writing is to write the most important and fresh facts in the front of the news, according to the importance of the facts and the degree of attention of the reader, the more important the content is, the more interested the reader is, the more forward the arrangement is, and then decreases in turn. This is called “inverted pyramid” structure in news writing.

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