why do people prefer to see negative news over positive news ?

First, self-esteem. People’s subconscious will have a sense of identity for themselves, often attributing that they are stronger than others. In the negative news, the audience may be the victims, criminals, or vulnerable groups, etc. But the audience will have a “I am better than them” mentality to satisfy their inner self-esteem. This is one reason.
Second, reversibility. Audiences are often “rebellious”. They are not satisfied with watching only one type of program and one tone of news. Especially under the propaganda machine of totalitarian countries, negative news gives audiences a unique sense of novelty, which is different from the official discourse system they come into contact with day after day. People are eager for subversive and counter-productive information.
Third, seek the opposite sex. Audiences like news reports about things that are far away from them. This distance does not refer to physical distance, but refers to people and things in different living environments. According to the theory of acculturation, the media constructs the impression that we can’t reach the place, that is, the “mimic environment”. Our understanding of the external environment can only be achieved by the dissemination of media information. Therefore, we will be curious about the world we can’t touch, about everything different from our ordinary life, and many of the negative reports are just descriptions of violence, pornography, crime, natural disasters and man-made disasters, so the audience will be firmly attracted by them.

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