A Day Filled with Ups and Downs

Before today’s trip, I joke to my friend that tourism industry in Barcelona is based on Pablo Picasso and Antonio Gaudi. I know it is not fair to comment Barcelona like this because the charming city has so much to explore. What I want express is that how influential these two art masters are for such a magic city.

It is a recommendation that tickets for the popular scenic spots are booked in advance or you might stand in the long queue to buy the ticket. What is worse, you might end up having no chance to visit because there is a limit for the amount of the tickets. I go to Park Güell in the morning and only the package with a general ticket and a tour guide can be purchased. The tour guide is at 4:00, so my friend and I decide to come back later. Then we go to the beach in Barcelona. Although it is at the end of September, it is still a good time to enjoy sea, beach and sunshine.

When you firstly step into the sea, it is a little cold, but you will be comfortable with it very soon. Runners are ubiquitous along the beach, and many other water sports like water skiing and sail board can also be seen. On the beach, some people are reading, and some others are just lying there. Today is public holiday, there is no reason to rush. For the holiday, so man parents take children to enjoy the leisure time here on beach.

Walking along the beach, so many unique restaurants filled with people remind me again about Spanish people’s enthusiasm for life —– chatting with friends beside the sea with beer, wine and tapas may be the best choice for a public holiday. The variety is also displayed when you see the building along the beach. Houses attached to each other are always in different colors. Sometimes you could even see one building with different colors painted on the same façade. The diversified color eliminates dullness brought by concrete and steel and it is also reason why Barcelona is so appealing. The tourists could always have something new and different to anticipate.

Picasso Museum is within the walking distance from the beach. No need to worry, just walking along the beach and enjoying the sunshine, and then the road along the beach will lead you to the bustling streets. Shops for souvenir here are good choice for buying gifts for family and friends.

As I mentioned before, booking ahead of time is necessary. When we arrive the museum, all tickets have been sold out. However, the moment we turn around to leave, an officer stops us and say that we are here at the right time. Another visitor has extra three tickets and he’d like to share them with us rather than waste. The whole thing is totally beyond the expectation and that is also the point for the traveling. You will never ever no what will happen next second. And when you encounter with a nice guy, what he or she does not only make your journey better, but also make you feel that kindness of human beings is much more beautiful than any scenery you could see along the journey.

The current exhibition includes a part about Pablo Picasso and photography. With theme of Picasso before and behind the camera, pictures taken by Picasso and other photographers’ capturing Picasso’s image are represented. Visitors could have a new perspective to understand this art master.

In my opinion, Picasso’s paintings can be timeless because he shows the complexity of life and the world in the simplest way, which means there is always a room for imagination. When I look the paintings by Picasso, it also reminds me of the characteristics of life and this world. At first glimpse, it might be a little chaotic, but soon you could sense the painting is exquisitely crafted with perfect proportion. The beauty is not just there for you to watch, but hides somewhere you need to discover and feel with heart.

Another thing beyond our expectation is that my friend’s purse is stolen. Only two minutes the bag is behind on her back, the purse flies away. I keep accompany with her to the police station to report the missing. We are a little surprised when we find that the form to fill in is in Chinese. When we filling the form, another Chinese family come to report the missing, too. Although so many posts online have warned that theft is a serious problem in Barcelona, there are still some people who are not lucky enough to avoid this. My friend is an optimistic person. The theft does not ruin her mood. “I know the chance to get it back is very small. No need to worry about it. At least the insurance can cover some of my loss.” I guess my friend has get the essentials of Barcelona —- be passionate for life and leisure time takes a priority.

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