biased news agency for international news

“Reliable” and “pertinent” are both lazy words, which are subjective. Does “dependable” mean that the media’s political orientation is in line with mine? If so, the question is a bit boring. If we only talk about news features with complete evidence chains and no selective answers to questions, we are talking about a very small number of reports. Every big media is not always able to report like this. At this time, “depend on unreliable” is that the mining angle of the same thing does not accord with my mind. In many cases, the different angles of mining may not hide the presupposed political position. It is likely that it is purely due to the special interest of the newspaper’s news team, and can not be attributed to political inclination. Most of the time, reports, evidence chains are incomplete, or journalists themselves sell positions and feelings, I think this is the practice of low-level media, all unreliable. Above is my Tucao on this question. To answer this question, several big American newspapers (such as Times, Newsweek) are actually very pertinent, or very intermediate, so they don’t “rely” on my “spectrum”. I like Atlantic. Maybe I’m more liberal?

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