where do news media outlets get their news ?

So you basically ask how the ‘news tip’ comes from!
Before the news reaches Twitter, web portals or print media / TV studios. Someone has to put together a new step.
Now the most traditional way to get news is through ‘stringers’. These people are not on the media payroll list like reporters. Stringer provides news tips about what is happening in the region. He is the first person you should contact if something happens in a certain area. Stringers can be anyone from shopkeepers outside the police station, hospitals to full-time freelancers. He is someone who knows the area well.
For criminal journalists, an important source for getting news tips is the police help channel. They just called the member and asked the clerk about something special happening today. It is also true sometimes about large hospitals where they always have some unique cases.
Many of the news that you read are provided by ‘sources’. This can be in the form of documents, press releases and booklets released by the government.
Even politicians, public officials, and business owners are sources that provide news.
From day one, journalists tried to create their own source networks. They are people they can talk to. The police, neighborhood boys and junior level staff at the government offices are a source for journalists. these people contact them and give small instructions to follow. Many sources choose to remain anonymous for various news.
Twitter / internet
Not a reliable news source, but gives you an idea of ​​what to expect. Remember tweets or anything you read on internet gossip sites is not the truth.
After getting news tips from the places mentioned above. Reporters gather all information. Put it in perspective. Create scripts or write articles. Verify information and publish ‘news’ so you can see it on TV, newspapers, the web, or listen on the radio.
Just imagine how much hard work happens before a certain story is finished.

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