what’s your take on the latest news about china stealing us secrets ?

In recent years, every once in a while, American media will come out and accuse China of stealing sensitive technical information from the United States, including civil and military aspects. This kind of accusation can be said to have become a routine, if it does not appear at intervals, it seems very strange. This is not coming again.
For Americans to slap on their hats. Australia, an ally of the United States, can’t afford to look down on it. According to a previous article in the Australian Financial Review, for decades, the Western world has been worried that Chinese companies have stolen or at least copied intellectual property rights from Western companies. Now, instead, a new concern is China’s technology and innovation. Continuous progress has begun to challenge the firm grasp of the top scientific and technological position in the United States.
I’m afraid that’s the most important reason why American media keep planting China.

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