best websites for news on china

“Star Island Global Network” not only has a large amount of information, but also basically achieves “neutrality and balance”. There are many sections on the website, but I mainly focus on “news” and “current reviews”, and occasionally visit life and entertainment channels in my spare time. The website also collects and translates many important news and comments from international media, which contributes a lot to helping netizens understand the world.
[Singapore] “Lianhe Zaobao” is my second choice to understand the international dynamics. Although this website is not very informative, it often has some exclusive reports. More importantly, Lianhe Zaobao is very rigorous and credible. For the global netizens, the “readers’letters” of the website can not be ignored as a source of information and a platform for speech.
Multidimensional News Network is affiliated to the Mirror Publishing House of Hong Kong. It has a high degree of openness, and its comprehensive and commentary articles are worth reading. News from the media and political forces around the world is abundant. Of course, the nature and style of “Multidimensional News Network” are quite different from those of “Star Island Global Network” and “Lianhe Zaobao Network”.
[USA] “Boxun News Network” is a highly open news website and an important platform for all kinds of international forces involved in China and vulnerable groups in China to release information. Netizens who have been immersed in the domestic propaganda atmosphere for a long time may not be well adapted when they first contact the website.

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