is cnn a good place for sports news

1. Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo Sports is Yahoo’s sports news website, launched by Yahoo on December 8, 1997. It covers many sports, including the National Rugby League, Major League Baseball, Major League Basketball, Major League Basketball, National Ice Hockey League, College Rugby, College Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, Tennis, FIFA World Cup, Arena Rugby, Boxing, Five. Football league, cycling, Indian racing, Major League football, racing, Olympic Games, NCAA baseball, NCAA hockey, NCAA women’s basketball, American women’s professional basketball, World Cup football, track and field, British cricket, figure skating, English football, swimming, mixed martial arts, horse racing.
ESPN is a global cable television network focusing on sports-related programs in the United States. Its business includes live and recorded sports programs, sports talk shows and other original programs. Its name comes from the entertainment and sports network. It is a joint venture between Walt Disney (80%) and Hurst (20%).
3. Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report, also known as B/R, is an American digital sports media network company. The company provides services to audiences and fans around the world. It was acquired in August 2012 by Turner Broadcasting Systems, a subsidiary of Time Warner, for an unknown amount of nearly $200 million.
4. CBSSports
CBSSports was founded by Michael Levy in 1994, initially called SportsLine (CBS), headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It provides sports scores, news, statistics, live and on-demand video, mobile applications, e-commerce, sports products and other service information. Like Yahoo! Sports, ESPN and SI, it is an American sports website.
5. Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated is a magazine of a well-known sports media company in the United States. Its franchise is Time Warner, a media giant. It has more than 3.5 million users and 23 million adults a week, including 1.8 million male readers. Since its establishment in 1954, it has selected the athletes or teams of the “best athletes of the year” every year to commend their sportsmanship and achievements.

6. Daily Reading News

Daily Reading News Network is China’s influential original news website, founded in September 2019.
Daily reading news network takes China news and entertainment news as the core, layouts four major content sections, and over 40 content channels:
China News section: Reports some of the latest Chinese hot news on the daily basis.
Entertainment News section: Report daily international entertainment stars, movie circles and other news.
Sports News section: Focus on international major sports news reports. At the same time, comment columns and data visualization articles provide multi-level news content.
Tourism News section: Focus on travel strategies, recommend Chinese tourist destinations, and discuss tourism and cultural landscapes. At the same time, look for corners that are ignored by the mainstream media, and record this attraction with a unique perspective of the travel bloggers and opinions.

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