how to monetize a sports news site ?

# 1 – Fixed

It is always the best way to go to ensure each impression each match and paid for what it was worth. We have seen a website starts with only AdSense alone and then finally took a leap of faith and ventured into the program.

Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), is a free Google ad server can give you that edge to accurately price the actual inventory and get advertisers to bid for the ad slot. So from AdSense, you can set 2, 3 or as many ad networks that want to keep a tight competition going.

The magic begins once you have created an optimized set at the right level and line item delivery settings. If you are not sure what to do, MonetizeMore offers free AdSense vs AdExchange set up once you become a Premium Publishers us or ask for our support team on how to take advantage of our expert setting.
# 2 – LiveAds

We see this in all kinds of vertical, not just sports sites, and yes it pays well and pays better! I’m talking about a space where you see the “Advertise with us” or “Run your ad here.”

Advertisers who are interested in your audience will not think twice to pay a premium for the room. Make sure you require an upfront payment before the ad goes out. We can never be too sure these days unless they were great as “Nike” or “Spalding.”
# 3 – Affiliate Marketing

The basketball game of the season just started, and the site you have access to fresh, juiciest scoops when and where – began to scour the internet for affiliate partnership “Pay per Views” or the direction of the ticket sales, memorabilia!
# 4 – Pre, Mid and Post-roll

If you have video inventory available, explore preroll, midrolls, and post-roll. Rates are quite interesting from the display and in-banner video. And if you want to maximize your fill, go to Google AdSense or AdExchange!

The catch is, of course, pre-roll is the simplest to implement, but you will need some help to do midrolls dev and post-roll.
# 5 – Sponsored Content

There are often two types of content links that will come to you for a write up. One, who promote their goods through your site as a platform for their marketing campaign or both, those who have promoted the link that will ask the user to leave the site said to drive traffic to their site.

Rates are top notch and is usually per page view or click convert. Now it’s up to you if you will allow both types of content Link. But, expecting a better result than this.

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