news sources are ok for obtaining news

Asian Scope:
1. NHK WORLD NHK WORLD English Japan’s public broadcasting agencies, because they are not driven by commercial considerations, are strict in operation, rigorous in topics of concern, and generally accurate in reporting. (In addition, NHK’s English broadcasting is simple and easy to understand.)
2. Al Jazeera English, the website of Al Jazeera TV, is the first source of information in West Asia and the Middle East. The Middle East has its own voice in the coverage of regional events, which is different from the old European and American tunes. (I don’t pay much attention to the media in South Asia and India, and the main media websites are walled out.)
European Scope:
1. BBC – Homepage UK’s public broadcasting agency, without much introduction, where the world-class media status is.
2. The Financial Times website World Business, Finance, and Political News from the Financial Times UK Financial Times, which is specialized in reporting techniques, is also very concerned about China. There is also a Chinese FT website.
3. Reuters Breaking News, Business News, Financial and Investing News & More, an international news agency with financial expertise, is fast and has a large amount of information. There is also Reuters
4. ITAR-TASS is also a news agency. It inherits the blood of the state-level news agency of the former Soviet Union. The news of Russia and its surrounding countries can go here. (I don’t know much about Germany and France, to be added) America: 1. Major domestic television networks: (1) CBS NEWS CBS News – Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video (2) ABC NEWS ABC News:
Breaking News & Latest (3) NBC NEWS NBC News – Br News Eaking News & Top Stories (4) Fox News – Breaking News Updates (5) CNN CNN.
2. NPR NPR: National Public Radio: News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts: NPR American public broadcasting agency, non-commercial orientation, more serious topics.
3. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post, Huffington Post, I think, is the best pure web news website with a lot of comprehensive information. (Other newspaper websites, such as the New York Times, are also good, but most of them are not recommended because of the wall.) Other areas, such as Australia, Africa, South America, I don’t care, and others add.

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