what’s the most unbiased news source for national political news ?

When it comes to political news, the same guidelines apply as when it comes to news.

Learn the difference between real news and editorial content. Then, stick to real news.

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The following sources of all abide by the Associated Press’ ‘Code of Conduct’ and also the Society of Professional Journalists’ Guidelines for Journalism Ethical. ‘They were all very good, as long as you keep journalism, and avoid the “editorial nonsense.” They are all careful to editorial clearly labeled, making it easy to avoid them. Editorial – of course – not written by journalists.

The Wall Street Journal (as long as you avoid any editorial.)

The New York Times (just avoid what they label as “Opinion.”)

CBS News (avoid the Sunday morning talk shows, such as “Face the Nation,” and you are safe. On-line, stay away from the editorial. Stick to two of their evening news, and you will find they are 100% reliable.)

The Washington Post (they clearly label all the editorial as “Opinion.”)

NBC News (stay away from such editorial program “Meet the Press,” and you should be fine. Keep on two of their evening news, and you will find they are 100% reliable.)

The New Republic (is among tight resources, fires every journalist who break the rules.)

The Christian Science Monitor (do not let the name scare you. The publication has nothing to do with the religious affiliation of where it comes from, is old.) Solid, unbiased, ethical journalism. Always.)

The Boston Globe (All editorials labeled as “editorial.” The rest is very good.)

ABC News (Steer programming such as “This Week,” which is just opinions. Stick to two of their evening news, and you will find they are 100% reliable.)

The Economist (known for being very strict with all their journalists, and fires them when they get lost.)

C-SPAN – just turning the camera on, for hearings, sessions of Congress, etc. there are commentators will try to sway you, or push it down your throat propaganda.

BBC (including BBC America) (rarely offers editorials, but always clearly label them as such.)

ProPublica (A new find, and a real gem). They are very good; they comply with the rules of journalistic ethics. They still offer an old-school investigative reporting (which is very expensive, and very difficult to find). They have an incredible list of awards, and for good reason.

Reuters (Using the word “about” and “Analysis” and “Editorial” to nonsense. The rest, very good.)

The Associated Press (obviously, because it does not offer the editorial at all, and strictly enforce the guidelines.)

NPR News (web based stuff was great, and clearly marked if the editorial content.)

Tampa Bay Times (long history of excellence in journalism truth.)

Foreign (very good journalism, the position of the resource.)

Atlantic (Avoid articles labeled “Analysis,” and you know the rest is top-notch.)

The Miami Herald (Avoid “editorial.”)

PBS News (Reporting follow the guidelines, but added one of their own -. Balance If there is a matter of dispute, they provide the same space for both sides.)

Los Angeles Times (Excellent solid reporting, but avoiding any editorial.)

The Denver Post (Complying with the guidelines, only learn how they marked the editorial.)

(There are many more … but hopefully it is a starting point.)

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