James: no more talking about the Morey incident, but stick to your position

Famous NBA star LeBron James is reported to have publicly commented on the Morey incident for the first time yesterday, saying he and his teammates had not spoken before because he did not know enough about the details of China. Morey’s lack of consideration before tweeting does not mean that our freedom of speech does not mean that we can express our views on anything we do not know, which can have serious consequences and harm many people. James’ move moved domestic fans and supported James, while many netizens in the United States expressed strong dissatisfaction with James. ‘There are problems everywhere in the world, ‘says James.’ I think the best That is, if you are passionate about it, go ahead and say it. If you don’t know enough about it, you should shut up, because it will put you in a difficult situation. James said publicly at the end of the conversation that it was the last time he had talked about the Morey incident because he did not want it to distract the Lakers.


So what on earth is going on with the Morey incident?

On October 5, Darrell Morey, the famous NBA team manager, posted a picture on Twitter that was a slogan often shouted by Hong Kong demonstrators in recent months: “fight for freedom, be with Hong Kong.” The move aroused the indignation of many Chinese netizens, and the Houston Rockets, the most familiar to Chinese netizens, brought a great emotional blow to Chinese netizens in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China. Then, although Morey deleted the tweets, the incident continued to ferment.A spokesman for the Consulate General of the people’s Republic of China in Houston issued a statement on October 6 in response to the improper remarks made by Morey, general manager of the Houston Rocket Club. China Basketball Association, CCTV Sports Channel, Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center, Li Ning Brand, Tencent Sports and so on have issued official statements announcing the suspension or termination of cooperation with Rockets.

Rockets General Manager Morey tweeted on October 7 that I had no intention of offending Rockets fans and my friends in China through my own Twitter. I’m just based on some kind of exposition, expressing an idea about a complex event, and since that tweet, I’ve had the opportunity to listen and think about other angles. In the second tweet that followed, I have always appreciated the strong support of Chinese fans and sponsors, and I hope those who are disappointed will understand that it was not my intention to offend or misunderstand. My Twitter represents only me, not the Rockets or NBA..

From his tweets, he didn’t apologize for his comments, and the bland response made him feel less concerned about the problem.


Adam Shaw, the NBA’s president, said that the “There is no doubt that the economic impact has become evident. The tweet has had considerable consequences, and I read some of the media to suggest that we do not support Morey, but in fact we support (Morey). As a value-based organization, I would like to make it clear that support for Morey is to enable him to exercise his freedom of expression.” had expressed dissatisfaction with the Rockets’ former player, Yao Ming, for his comments. “Yao is very angry,” Xiao said at a press conference in Japan. “I just want to say that the free expression of NBA support, including Morey, Tsai and Yao all.” Da. I know that Morey touched China’s minefield and made Yao very angry and couldn’t accept it. And I understand our different values, but I hope that the two sides will be able to give a more sense of tolerance and to listen to each other, rather than to the air. I’m not going to be in the house of other countries. I hope I can reach a consensus with Yao, but he’s still very angry now. Not only that, he’s going to Shanghai to take part in the Lakers’ game and seek a dialogue with the people and the person in charge.

Morey’s bad comments have had serious consequences at home, not only did Morey himself not apologize, but NBA President Xiao Hua’s statement supported Morey’s right to freedom of speech. In this regard, China is naturally also a heavy blow, major sponsors have suspended cooperation with NBA, CCTV also publicly said that it will not broadcast the NBA preseason, the relevant cooperation will also be suspended, the major superstars have also withdrawn from the NBA preseason stage, the CCTV also said publicly that the NBA pre-season will not be broadcast, the relevant cooperation will also be suspended, and the major superstars have also withdrawn from the NBA preseason stage.


It is worth mentioning that NBA famous Smith publicly criticized Morey, and Davies bluntly said that Morey was an idiot. But Morey himself and the Rocket boss did not admit the wrong attitude. On the contrary, it is Rockets star Harden and Wilbur, early to make a statement. In an interview, Harden and Wilbur offered to apologize to China in front of the media. “We apologize, we love China,” Harden said. Wilbur said: “We love playing there, both of us. We go to China once or twice a year. They give us the most support. As individuals and as teams, we are very grateful to them.” They were in Japan. In addition to the preseason, the initiative to apologize can be said to be the innumerable amount of powder.

We hope that the Morey incident can be properly resolved, like basketball, like NBA is not wrong, but the premise of all this is mutual respect.

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