who do you see as the worst cable news news anchor ?

This is the only category among the four on this page that has a clear “winner”: Fox cracked ambush MSNBC reporter Jesse Watters and bro-reporter Luke Russert.

The pair almost halve the majority of people, with Watters receive two more of his colleagues. Flashback: The two placed first and second in our report on “The 6 Biggest Dudebros on Cable News”.

As for why so many in all three networks feel the two are the worst? Well, it seems rather obvious to Watters: He became the go-to symbol cable news shit-eating grins and highly-paid trolling. Russert, on the other hand, has long been taking heat from the type of media to: a) be a product of alleged nepotism; and B) that has a title that goes far beyond his age whilst providing a very weak analysis.

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