how can you tell the difference between legitimate news and fake news ?

Stop and think about the story. Whether the claims actually sound like something someone really going to say or do? It is particularly revealing if the “thing” that is associated with professional journalists, politicians, intellectuals or business people, because professionals often know better than to make absolutely ridiculous claims-not always, but this is a good primary test. If your reaction is “WOW! Does he / she really say THAT? “It should be set out in your mind alert. Note that this logic must be suspended what was said by Donald Trump.
Look for “a little biased” news source: Least bias – Media Bias / Fact Check. Does the story appeared in this? Also check out the “Left-center” and “Right-center” source at the same site and every “Left-bias” or “Right-Bias” sites that have “High” or better “Factual reporting” rating. If you Google the story and seems to be just on the website bias (left or right) and are not in any less biased, do not believe it. This is especially true if all the stories link back to or just copying words from a single original story. Be sure to Google “Republican noise machine” to understand how some of the stories can be rapidly deployed in an effort to give them a false legitimacy when in fact it is the same story copied, no separate reporting from reliable sources.
Whenever you use a search engine such as Google to check the false news possible, always put the words “fact check” in front of other terms. This often leads directly to a post containing a factual analysis of the story.
If the story does not appear in the news source “at least biased”, not fake, but still susceptible to normal faults of journalism in the 24-hour news cycle often-frenzied where the default behavior of certain politicians lie. However, these sources emit a correction when an error occurs.

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