Sports experts gather in Wuhan, who will win the championship?

In 2019, the Wuhan World Military Games is the seventh event of the World Military Games, held in Wuhan, China, from 18 to 27 October 2019, with a total of 27 major items, such as shooting, swimming, track and field, basketball, and 329 small items. This is the first international military event in China, and is the largest international sports event held in China following the Beijing Olympic Games. It is the largest in the history of the world’s military sports meeting, with the largest number of participants and the most influential one.


CISM World Games, abbreviated as “CISM World Games”, is a large-scale comprehensive sports meeting of the highest standard in the world hosted by International Military Sports Council, which is held every four years with a duration of 7 to 10 days. The competition consists of 27 major events, with a scale of more than 8000 participants from more than 100 countries, second only to the Olympic Games. It is an important platform for the armed forces of various countries to display their image of strength, enhance friendly exchanges, and expand their international influence in peacetime. Known as the “military Olympic Games”.

The opening ceremony of the seventh CISM World Games will be held at the Wuhan Sports Center at 20:00 on the evening of October 18. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central military Commission, will attend the opening ceremony and declare the opening of the Games.


International Military Sports Council Chairman Helvi Pichillo said in an interview here on the 17th that Wuhan CISM World Games will usher in a new era of military sports, and he is impressed by the ability to organize and mobilize this event. For the first time, more than 9000 soldiers participated in CISM World Games, which made the history of military sports. A total of 109 countries in international military member countries have sent athletes to Wuhan. Athletes from all over the world will communicate and share common values over a period of 10 days. ” “with the holding of this competition, military sports will take another step forward,” Picillero said. In the opinion of Pickriello, Wuhan has met all the requirements of the bid for the military games, and what impressed him most was China’s ability to organize and mobilize the games. “I came to Wuhan to feel the first is to organize a wonderful event, the tournament Executive Committee showed willingness to participate and mobilize enthusiasm. “In April 2019,52-year-old Pichriello was elected President of the International Military and Physical Culture Commission, and the Wuhan Military Games was his first World Military Games. He said that the wuhan military games will not only be a wonderful event, but also the participation of china can attract more countries to join the world military sports family.


On the morning of October 10, the Executive Committee of the Military Games held a press conference on the medal release and presentation of the awards materials for the 7th World Military Games at the Wuhan Convention Center, which officially unveiled the mysterious veil of the medals and trophies of the awards materials of the military games. The medal of the military games is called “the star of peace and friendship “, with a diameter of 81mm and a thickness of 5mm. high branch high density silk fabric, emblem embroidery pattern bright color, smooth and clear lines. The medal of the military sports meeting has the following characteristics: highlighting the distinctive military characteristics and showing the spirit of the military sports meeting.  The medal takes three standard five stars as the main visual image, represents the soldier, the army, the military, and just like the three people who are running, forms the concept of “crowd “, gives the person to be strong and strong, the majestic feeling, the military flavor is full; matches the left and right sides artistic processing race end point sprint collision belt, and the middle personification five stars modelling, forms the race final sprint collision line picture moment, in order to show the vigorous sports spirit. The medal production adopts the most advanced coin technology in China at present, and adopts the combination technology of partial bright shot blasting and integral laser sand blasting, which presents a rich sense of hierarchy, and adopts the environmental protection technology to deal with, anticorrosion, anti-fall, anti-oxidation.  CISM World Games trophy is called “take-off”, with plum blossoms, abstract pigeons as the main design elements, with the number “7” of the military movement emblem, runway, Xiangyun graphics combination. The flying dove of peace not only embodies the meaning of “building world peace”, but also implies that athletes work hard, upward, and create the best achievements of CISM World Games in the world. The number “7” means the seventh, the runway means the sports meeting, Xiangyun is auspicious, and it also means the hometown of white clouds and yellow cranes. The five petals of plum blossoms, close to the Olympic rings, reflect the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher and stronger”.

Soldiers are the facade of the country, representing the majestic dignity and spiritual style of the country. It is hoped that CISM World Games and the armed forces of all countries will give full play to their good demeanor and continue to carry forward the great spirit of hard work.

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