< Maleficent: Mistress of Evil >: The Brilliance of Maternal Love

On October 18 ,2019 ,< Maleficent: Mistress of Evil > goes online in China and the United States at the same time. Maleficent, the villain witch in < Sleeping Beauty >, has become the heroine of the series. If <Maleficent> is to explore how a person is going to evil and to be cruel, then <Maleficent: Mistress of Evil> is telling us that the mother love can make the witch full of human touch.

The background of the film is set after the previous work < Maleficent >, Princess Aurora accepts the proposal of his lover Prince Phillip. But Maleficent, the black demon girl who wanted to protect Princess Aurora, stopped them. Prince Phillip’s mother, Queen Ingrid, took this opportunity to woo Princess Aurora, to go to war with Maleficent. At the same time, the forces of the same dark race as Maleficent began to move. The emergence of the dark race made Maleficent know who she was a descendant of Phoenix and laid the groundwork for the story of her Phoenix Nirvana. Finally, under the leadership of Maleficent, the dark people, elves and human beings live in peace to celebrate the wedding of Aurora and Phillip.


There are many moving places in the film, for example, when all the elves were trapped in the auditorium, the tree elves used their bodies to protect the flower fairies from the attack of the undead bomb; Flittle sacrificed her life in order to save everyone; and what Aurora said to Maleficent on the cannon: “I know you! You are my mom. “

But what I can’t forget most is what Maleficent said to the princess, “I’ve never hated you because you’re human.” Although once hurt by human beings, when the witch who cast the spell first met the innocent smiling face of a human child, her hard and cold heart became a touch of softness. With the passage of time, the princess gradually became her weakness, but also became her maternal armor.


As the saying goes, “For the mother is just, for the mother also tender feelings. “Despite Maleficent’s opposition to Aurora and Phillip’s marriage, when the princess said to her, “his parents want to see my mother,” Maleficent softened and decided to make an appointment. Perhaps it is because of the aura of “mother”, so that she suddenly has a sense of faith and responsibility. Therefore, for the happiness of “daughter”, she covered her pointed edges with black yarn, practiced smiling at the stream, followed Diaval to learn how to say scene words, and went to dinner with astringent courtesy, and the whole process was even a little aggrieved. It is not hard to imagine how simple a lone queen is, who lives in the jungle for a long time, does not understand the world, but has more understanding of human feelings than some people who are right and wrong. All her emotions were so direct and open. After a lot of things, Aurora and Phillip’s wedding took place as promised, and Maleficent personally gave her daughter to her beloved prince. At the wedding, Maleficent told Diaval not to cry when she married her daughter, but she couldn’t help crying.


On the other hand, the other mother, Queen Ingrid, is a completely different image of the mother. The reason for the difference is that in Ingrid’s mind, her current situation is forced, including becoming a mother. When she was still a princess in the palm of her hand, her country suffered a famine, and her brother went to ask the elves for help. He died in the land of the elves. In order to save the country, she was forced to marry her present husband, the king, and to become queen. In Ingrid’s heart, she does not recognize this identity, even if she has become a mother, but she still only lives for herself, want to avenge herself. When standing on the tower to command the battle, Ingrid always clung to control, just like a little girl holding on to her toy. She admitted that walking rumors were like gossip among girls, and that as long as she was satisfied, the truth of the matter did not need to be known. When she almost failed, she chose to break the rules and lose her temper and push Aurora down the tower, whether it was her son or a soldier. Her men are just a tool for her revenge.


By contrast, Maleficent can against her nature to raise a little girl and be willing to share her kingdom with her. This kind of humanity and magnanimity is her growth. After Aurora wronged her, she chose to forgive her and love her and take care of her from the standpoint of a mother. She told the world with her action: “I am not a machine without feelings, but I have just learned how to express love.” And that’s because she really became a mother.

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