Chinese captain ranks in the top ten in film history at the box office

In recent years, more and more high-quality films have been born in mainland China, winning high box office, such as “Wolf Warriors 2”, “wandering Earth”, “I am not the god of medicine”, “Action Red Sea”, “the birth of Nezha” and so on, which are loved by many audiences. As far as the box office is concerned, several films are also in the top 10 of the box office list in mainland China. However, a new film has been ranked in the top 10 and has been praised.

In the past National Day holiday, “me and my motherland”, “climber”, “Chinese captain” hit theaters, this year’s National Day box office is also known as the strongest National Day holiday, three films jumped all the way to win high box office. By the end of 14 days after release, the box office of “Chinese Captain” had just exceeded 2.4 billion, “my country and I” grossed as high as 2.55 billion, and “climber” also had a record of 960 million.


According to cat’s eye data, as of 18:34 on October 20, the total box office of “Chinese Captain” reached 2.671 billion, surpassing “Speed and passion 8” to the top 10 in the film history of the Chinese film market. At present, there is only one foreign film in the top 10 box office of Chinese film and television.

Captain China, directed by Liu Weiqiang and starring Zhang Hanyu, ou Hao and du Jiang, was released in China on September 30, 2019. Based on the emergency landing incident of flight 3U8633 of Sichuan Airlines, the film tells the story of the crew bumping into the cockpit windshield glass burst and falling off at a height of 10, 000 meters, the extremely rare danger of cockpit pressure relief, the moment of life and death, they are not in danger, deal with it decisively, deal with it correctly, ensure the safety of all the people on board, and create a miracle in the history of civil aviation in the world.


On May 14, 2018, the windshield of flight 3U8633 of Sichuan Airlines fell off during the flight, and the safety of the 128 people on board was ensured by the proper disposal of the crew such as captain Liu Chuanjian and the close cooperation of the open space in place in time. Industry insiders generally believe that the difficulty of returning for half an hour is “world-class” and a miracle in the history of global civil aviation. Captain Liu Chuanjian was awarded the title of “hero captain of civil aviation of China” for his excellent operation in the accident, and all the crew members were awarded the honor of “hero crew of civil aviation of China”.

On a beautiful morning, a flight named 8633 flew from Chongqing to Lhasa. Everything on the plane was the same as usual, and everyone was in a state of relaxation. Suddenly, the front windshield of the plane broke, the co-pilot was sucked out by half of his body, naked in the air, the whole plane suddenly became chaotic, the cries of girls, the complaints of girls, the anger of men, the fear of everyone, but here were five crew members with sacred responsibilities who quickly maintained order in the cabin, helped passengers wear aerobic masks, and calmed everyone’s emotions. Although their hearts are also extremely afraid, but they still choose to be strong The captain of the letter still adheres to his duties.


Zhang Hanyu plays the captain, in the extreme danger, in the cab to turn the tide, successfully complete the preparation and landing. Calm personality, self-discipline and peace of temperament, meticulous treatment of flight work, professional and careful. Distrustful Xu Yichen felt that he was not serious and found his shining side after going through the crisis together.

Yuan Quan’s captain, Bi Nan, was rated as “the most reassuring captain” in the face of disaster. He organized flight attendants to teach passengers to make the right first aid measures, and even calmed the fear of passengers. It is also the major of the pilot gives passengers confidence, so that the captain can have sufficient time to prepare for emergency landing.

“Captain China” under the high acting skills of Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan and other old performers, many pieces are very touching, such as Yuan Quan’s chief flight attendant at a time of extreme chaos: “Please believe our captain, we will go back together.” at this time, the crew chief’s disheveled loose hair is undoubtedly disheveled, but who can deny her strength and respectability. Zhang Hanyu’s three awe: “fear of life, awe of duty, awe of rules” may be a slogan, but the charm can only be realized when it is thoroughly implemented.

In the film, zhang hanyu plays the chinese captain facing such an air crisis, how to judge how to choose, it takes years of training and knowledge accumulation to make the most correct decision, but also based on respect for life, and with a sense of professional mission to do. This is not a man’s fight, nor individual heroism, cabin crew to do a good job of pacification, after all, ordinary people are not professionally trained, the crisis may be turbulent and uneasy, such as in the real incident, after the memory of passengers, there were indeed flight attendants loudly comforted passengers:” Please believe the captain, he will certainly take us home!  “

The audience is moved and applauded not only for the individual, but also for this kind of collective heroism, which is also in line with China’s universal home culture. You are not alone in the battle, and there will always be relatives, friends and comrades behind you who will cross all the risks with you. Even if you return by the wind, you can still land safely.

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