The King of Navigation: Fanaticism


In recent days, China’s animation fans are excited, and the navigation king, who has influenced a generation of fans, once again comes to China. “Fanatical action” is the 14th theatre version of “king of navigation series”, and also the 20th anniversary of “king of navigation” animation. The official also released a group of “attitude version” role posters.

The representative colors of each character, as the strokes, write the “sailing spirit” that has influenced countless fans.

After “the golden city of the king of navigation” in 2016, the theatre version came back three years later. The nine main characters represent partners, beliefs, courage, dreams, conquest, adventure, hope, breakthrough and engagement. These keywords all come from their own classic lines, symbolizing their unchanging beliefs. These navigational spirits not only encourage the straw hats to march forward, but also encourage every ordinary person who works hard to shine in ordinary life. Don’t stop moving forward.

By the end of this year, the animation of “king of navigation” has been on air for 20 years. For fans, the release of “sailing King: fanatical action” is not an ordinary theatrical animation release, but a review of all the growth, dreams, companionship and youth over the past two decades. “Sailing King: fanatical action” let thousands of sea fans have a chance to pay homage to their youth, more like a friend who never leaves and never gives up, who has accompanied us for 20 years.


As a 20th anniversary tribute, the voyage King: fanatical action is the most popular drama in the past, almost from the beginning to the end. According to the released trailer, the supernovae will fight for the treasure of Roger the pirate king, and then form an alliance to fight against the boss Barrett. There is a passionate collision between smog and Saab, and Solon will face the general Tenghu.

Luffy and others are facing a strong enemy this time, former member of Roger Pirate Group, Barrett

In this story, straw hats and many navigators show up one after another. At the world’s largest Navigators’ celebration, the navigation Expo, many pirates gather here to fight for “the treasure left by Roger, the king of navigation”. Just as the battle for the mysterious treasure is in full swing, the terrible threat in front of Luffy and others suddenly comes, and the enemy and US scuffle of the hidden plot is on the verge.


In addition to the hot blood adventure and partnership as always, there are two highlights of this theater version: first, almost all the star characters will appear, the return of fire fist ace is eye-catching, and 11 supernovae will gather again after the shambaldi islands event. How have they grown up in the past two years? Second, there are many major forces in the world: the Navy, cp9, supernovae, the revolutionary army and Qiwuhai. This is the first time in the history of one piece. At the beginning of a long period of time, many people were confused about what kind of treasure OP was, attracting people to chase for it. But after countless adventures with luffy, anime fans finally understand that OP is not only a big secret hidden in lavdelu, but also a friendship between partners, a passion to face life and a dedication to their dreams! Each of us has our own OP, which is right beside us.

There are many magnificent scenes in the film, if not in CGS China’s giant screen hall, how can we feel the shock of these grand scenes! On the large screen of CGS China, the pirates Er can feel the stunning visual impact of the metal screen! Wanli sunshine is sailing in the sea, standing at the bow with open arms, facing the sea wind, rushing over the sea, and even making you feel happy to be on a sailing ship.

When you and hundreds of ships race into the port, the spectacular and lively scene seems to be in front of you! With the help of the immersive multi-dimensional sound reproduction system, the ear is also facing its situation. Luffy roars and punches. You can hear the direction. Barrett was in the cloud, the sound of wanton laughter seemed to oppress everyone. The sound of fierce fighting between swords is heard all the time. It feels like you are one of the participants in the chaos!

When you come to CGS China, you are no longer just an audience. You will immerse yourself in the film.

For Luffy, the partner is power. There is no one on my boat but the partner. Let the straw hat get together and go through 20 years. Robin’s words of “I want to live” make her embark on the journey of conquering the sea with hope. Zorro grows up and becomes a better self because of the belief that she will never lose again. These navigational spirits not only inspire the group of straw hats to march forward, but also inspire every ordinary people who strive to shine in ordinary life. Thank you for your company for 20 years. Please give me more advice for the next 20 years.

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