The female doctor was assassinated and killed. Where does the doctor-patient relationship go?

On the morning of October 22, a female doctor in Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital, Feng, was killed in the hospital, and Yang, the suspect, was a patient with anal intestinal cancer who had been operated in the hospital. Despite the full rescue, Feng’s death is still unfortunate. According to the preliminary investigation, Yang had a patient with rectal cancer and had a surgery at the provincial people’s hospital. The suspect is currently under control by the police and the case is under further investigation.


Gansu prosecutors said they were involved in Feng Lili’s murder in advance, and the Gansu Provincial people’s Hospital also issued a statement saying: “I am extremely shocked and indignant at this inhuman and violent killing of doctors, and strongly condemn it!”

After the incident, Lin duo, secretary of the Gansu Provincial CPC Committee, and Tang Renjian, governor of Gansu Province, gave instructions calling for a good job of appeasing family members and psychological guidance of medical personnel. The public security organs should detect the case as soon as possible, severely punish the killer in accordance with the law, and play a role in deterring the killer.

One of Feng’s colleagues, Dr. mi (pseudonym), told reporters that Dr. Feng went to the countryside to help the poor at Wushan County people’s Hospital in Tianshui, Gansu Province six months ago. On the 22nd, she went to the clinic for the first time since she came back.

On the morning of October 17, Dr. Feng posted a circle of friends saying: the task of poverty alleviation has been successfully completed, returned to his familiar office, met his familiar leaders and colleagues, and continued to work hard. Today, the weather is very good and cloudless. I wish you all the best in the days to come.


On April 15, an expert medical team composed of endocrine department and anorectal department of Gansu Provincial people’s Hospital organized a group of medical counterparts to support Wushan County people’s Hospital for a period of one year. Among them, Dr. Feng is in the column and serves as director of anorectal department of Wushan County people’s Hospital. Under the guidance of Deputy Chief physician Feng, Wushan County people’s Hospital carried out the first resection of giant anterior sacral masses, and successfully performed the first electronic colonoscopy in a 46-year-old female patient with a history of previous abdominal surgery and constipation.

Doctor-patient relationship has always been a pain point between clinicians and the public in China. Due to the outbreak of “disharmonious doctor-patient relationship” in the past few years, doctors are already facing great pressure. It is very costly for schools and hospitals to train a professional doctor, but there is still a brain drain of doctors. From the classic doctor was cut off, to a period of time doctors flying knives to collect 10,000 yuan by video complaints, and even today the doctor was assassinated this kind of tragedy, the safety of the doctor community has to attract the attention of all people! Doctors and patients should have lived in harmony with each other. Why is it that they are in such a state of affairs today?. Doctors are in clinical practice every day. Hard work overtime, why did the patient not look in the eye? When can doctors and patients not stand on the opposite side?

When will these problems be resolved…

We will not preach that we are on the side of doctors at all times. After all, a small number of doctors are unethical and should be condemned by the public. But the vast majority of doctors work diligently on the front line of clinic every day, why is there such a bloody doctor being assassinated today!


Before the forum on how high-risk doctors work today, many doctors are complaining about their hard work, many times after the night shift has no energy, and sometimes night shift, clinic, emergency work is connected, is entirely supported by a wisp of willpower, encounter difficult patients, it is exhausting.

Today, however, the assassination of female doctors has increased the risk factor in the medical industry. Doctors are not only facing the problem of psychological injury after high work pressure and mistrust. It’s a more serious life safety problem! Who will protect the safety of the doctor? When can the doctor-patient relationship not be so tense? After a series of doctor injuries, how to get enough sense of security for the doctor community. These problems that we can’t solve but have to face remind us that the doctor-patient relationship is a topic that we can’t avoid. If we want to improve the doctor-patient relationship, it really has a long way to go, and this road. Construction, not only need doctors, patients, but also need the cooperation of these medical media people and even the whole society!

Behind the assassination of the female doctor, what the reason is hidden, now we don’t know, but believe that the police will let the truth come to the surface as soon as possible!

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