What Does An Old Hero Mean In Today’s Society?


This year is more important than glory for China. It is the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. In the long river of history, those old heroes also reappear in people’s minds. Mai Xiande, is one of the old heroes known as “iron and steel soldiers”, was awarded the national honorary title of “people’s hero” this year.

The “August 6th naval battle” in 1965 was the turning point of Ma Xian’s life. During the battle, the 611 boat where mcinorde was in was attacked by gunfire. A shrapnel penetrated near his forehead and temple, and he lost consciousness due to brain outflow. Because of the excessive blood loss, he can’t see after waking up. At that time, Mai Xiande was a mechanical and electrical soldier in a marine police area of the South China Sea fleet. Relying on his tenacious will and hard work honed in the ordinary days, he endured great pain to remove engine faults in the dark, and held the position for more than three hours until the battle was won. The “August 6” naval battle shook the whole country. Mai Xiande’s deeds of fearing no sacrifice and fighting bravely were also publicized. He was awarded the title of “fighting hero” by the Ministry of national defense, which set off a upsurge of learning from “iron and steel soldier Mai Xiande” in China. Mai Xian was awarded the honorary title of “combat hero” by the Ministry of national defense, and his heroic deeds were included in Chinese primary school textbooks.

After the “August 6” naval battle, although Mai Xiande was rescued from the danger of life, he has been dealing with drugs for a long time since then, and he was often sent to the ward for treatment of various sequelae. After being introduced by others, he formed a family with Li Yuzhi. Of course, it’s sweet to be newly married. It’s also a great spiritual honor to be accompanied by heroes in that era. But before long, the intermittent attack of maixiande’s injury sequelae made Li Yuzhi feel the great responsibility on his shoulder. For nearly half a century, no matter how many ups and downs he has encountered, Li Yuzhi has always carefully guarded the “battle hero” Mai Xiande with the most intimate love, propped up the family with a woman’s seemingly weak but actually strong shoulders, and built a loving and warm harbor for Mai Xiande.


On August 6 of each year, Li Yuzhi, his wife, made a “birthday” for Mai Xiande to commemorate the “August 6 naval battle”. Because we can’t forget the love of the sea, the names of a pair of children named by Mai Xiande and Li Yuzhi are all about the sea. Li Yuzhi said: “what Mai often said to his children is that” without a country, there is no home “. It is the duty of soldiers to protect their country.” Adhering to his father’s feelings of home and country, his children are actively engaged in military barracks and become soldiers.

Serious head injury has brought many sequelae to Mai Xiande, but in the process of rehabilitation for decades, Mai Xiande has always been committed to spreading the revolutionary tradition and spirit, encouraging young people to “not eat the old, to make new contributions”.

Mai Xiande, who was born in 1945, is now over 70 years old, but he is still tall and straight, and his eyes reveal a kind of military specific perseverance. He always thought he was a soldier and never retired. In 2017, Mai Xiande won the first batch of “August 1 Medal” in China.


In daily life, Macy has to keep his true colors. He is not flexible because of illness, but when he sees an old man who is not able to walk on the road, he will come forward to help him. When he sees the honeycomb coal bought by his neighbor pulled to the door, he will encounter rain. He drags the sick body, finds a board, and helps the neighbor move the honeycomb coal upstairs. When he is on the road, he does not hesitate to rush up to fight against the injustice.

During a visit to Gubei primary school in Raoping, Guangdong Province,China, his hometown, Mai Xiande found that there was no library in the school. He took out his own salary to buy books, bookcase and desk, helped the school build a reading room, and gave the children a quiet reading place. Later, “hero scholarship” was set up in the school to organize children to visit Shantou University, naval base, etc. to broaden their horizons.

Over the years, Mr. and Mrs. Mai Xiande and Li Yuzhi devoted themselves to public welfare undertakings, and donated money to help students at his alma mater, Gubei primary school, Guzhou Town, Raoping County, Guangdong Province. Mai Xiande said that he will continue to give full play to his afterheat, tell young people red stories, spread revolutionary ideals and beliefs, encourage young people to combine their personal dreams with the fate of their motherland, and work tirelessly to realize the Chinese dream.

He has won numerous supreme honors. Under such a halo, he can resist the interference and erosion of all parties, always adhere to the pure and simple revolutionary feelings of the soldiers, and keep the revolutionary youth forever. This is very precious in today’s society.

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