Beijing Daxing Airport—Chinese Phoenix

Recently, the grandeur of the new Beijing Daxing airport has once again pushed the Chinese people’s social upsurge. After seven comprehensive simulation exercises and three validation flight, Beijing Daxing International Airport ushered in its “Phoenix wings” highlight in September, which also means that Beijing, China has become the first city in the world with double international hub airports.

So how impressive Beijing Daxing airport in China is, because what makes people expect so much?

The airport takes four years, with an investment of 80 billion yuan and an area equivalent to 63 Tian’anmen Square. China is showing its strength to the world in its own way. The airport is called “starfish” by Taiwan’s media, covering an area of 41000 mu, and its real identity is a flying phoenix. For China, Phoenix has a profound implication. It and the capital airport just formed a pattern of “dragon phoenix” double hubs.  

And its internal structure is even more shocking. Its steel structure is comparable to the alien base. As the world’s largest airport terminal, the projection area of its roof steel structure is 180000 square meters, equivalent to 25 standard football fields. Such a huge roof, with only eight C-shaped columns as supports, can put the Beijing nest in.


Not only is the area large, but its function also makes a deep sense of surprise.

The terminal can resist typhoon of level 12

The first double deck departure Lane in China

The first horizontal isolation technology in China

The largest isolation building in the world

The world’s first high-speed rail underpass

The world’s first “double in and double out” terminal

These technological breakthroughs not only greatly enhance the stability and safety of the airport, but also provide the most convenient services for passengers. The distance from the place where passengers get off to the gate is more than 600 meters, and they can board the plane in 8 minutes at most.

Moreover, you can quickly transfer from the lower part of the terminal to Beijing Ba high speed railway, Langzhuo intercity railway, new airport express rail, etc., which is equivalent to cramming the railway station into the airport! At the same time, the construction of the whole airport also adopts the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, and its HVAC system, lighting system, water supply system, etc. are green designed. For example, the total capacity of the airport’s rainwater sponge facilities is 2.8 million cubic meters, equivalent to 1.5 Kunming lakes, and the rainwater infiltration rate is not less than 40%. There is also the “ground source heat pump project”, which uses the shallow geothermal resources to provide indoor heating, saving nearly 20 million standard cubic meters of natural gas every year. However, one of the most talked about is the roof of the terminal.

In order to let the sunshine spread all over the airport, 12800 pieces of glass are used in the terminal building, and there is almost no need for lighting in the daytime. 8000 pieces of glass are used on the roof alone. Because the roof is constructed with streamline surface, no two pieces of 8000 pieces of glass are exactly the same.


The orderly arranged aluminum mesh has different angles according to the change of roof surface, which can not only avoid strong sunlight, but also meet the natural lighting needs of the terminal.

There will be questions about why it costs so much to build a new airport with the capital airport. According to statistics, in 2017, the passenger throughput of capital airport was about 95.8 million, and in 2018, it reached 109.8 million, ranking second in the world. However, its design capacity is only 76 million people, and its operation is in a serious saturation state. The original intention of Daxing international airport construction is to relieve the pressure of Beijing Capital Airport. The practical significance of Daxing airport is far from Beijing’s new airport. It will also promote the economy of Beijing’s south city and effectively accelerate the integration process of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The airport can reach Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding and other cities within one hour; Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Jinan and other cities within two hours; Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and other cities within three hours, forming a comprehensive transportation system with strong regional radiation capacity.


Daxing airport is not only the appearance, the function design is amazing, the service in the airport is also intimate. Usually, when entering the parking lot, many people make it difficult to park, so robots are designed in the airport to help park automatically. In snowy days, the airport also solves the problem of slippery road surface. For the first time, a large area of ice melting material is used, which can reduce the freezing point to about – 12 ℃. In terms of infrastructure, Daxing airport takes into account the needs of the disabled, the elderly and other different groups, and its design is quite humanized.

It’s amazing to see such a beautiful airport in China.

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