The 2021 FIFA World Cup Will Be Hosted By China


At 12:00 Beijing time on October 24, FIFA held a press conference in Shanghai, at which FIFA President Invantino officially announced that after a unanimous vote by the FIFA Council, the people’s Republic of China will hold a new reform, the 2021 World Cup every four years. The match, which will take place between June and July 2021, is the first time FIFA’s adult men’s football international contest has settled in China and has been confirmed to be hosted by eight cities. The first World Cup was held in Brazil in 2000, at the end of each year, with a total of seven goals from the champions of clubs on all continents plus the hosts. The team competes. 2021 World Cup reform competition system, let the World Cup gradually grow into a super tournament that can match the Champions League and the World Cup!


The FIFA Club World Cup in previous years is an international football tournament sponsored by FIFA, the top-level club from six continents, and is an international football event to be sponsored by FIFA. The aim of the world is to bring the world’s champions to a world-class event like the World Cup, and to make every continent club have a world-class event. The first club’s World Cup was held in Brazil in January 2000, and the FIFA hopes that the event will be able to change the shape of the original European and South American clubs in the intercontinental cup (the Toyota Cup). It is a pity to be able to take part in the world’s top-level club in the six continents. Fifa failed to reach an agreement with the intercontinental-cup host, so the intercontinental cup was able to continue, while the club’s World Cup was held in 2000. But in the end of the 2005 World Cup, FIFA has reached agreement with the host of the intercontinental cup (Fengtian Cup), combining the Fengtian Cup and the World Cup into one, and the Fengtian Cup officially disappeared in the long river of history. The World Cup has also become the only global club event. In 2005, FIFA has successfully combined the World Cup and the Fengtian Cup, with the world cup of the world, and the two world cups in 2005 and 2006 are six teams. Ga, the champion of six continents. Since 2007, the host of the event has been added one place for the host of the event, and the team has reached 7, and the competition system has continued to date. In addition to the first team, the seven teams of the World Cup do not need to make a ranking match, and the other team must play with the other team, and the team will win the list. On March 16, 2019, FIFA announced that the World Cup expanded to 24 teams, and the new edition of the World Cup was held between June and July 2021.

Since the competition rules of the World Cup are the host-league title and the Oceania champion, the winner and the champion of the three continents in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean are four teams, divided into two groups, one-field-to-one, and the two winners enter the semi-final, The European and South American club titles enter the semi-finals directly, competing with the other two teams, the winner’s final, and the negative for the season. At the end of each game, the organizers rated the best player on the spot and awarded a Toyota sedan. This makes every year the only Champions League and the South American Liberator Cup, and often the Champions League to laugh at the end, time As long as it is, it’s the same as the wax, and the fans even put on the label“chicken rib” .


In early 2016, Invano became president of FIFA, and he began to innovate in various ways. The implementation of video assistant referees and the expansion of the World Cup have had or are about to have a profound impact on the development of world football. As another move under the rule of Invantino, the restructured World Cup will expand from seven teams to 24, and the World Cup will be held every year to four years. The change in the game system also reflects a change in FIFA’s philosophy, and Invano said he hopes football will develop more evenly in the world in the future as a sport that is popular all over the world. “now the developed countries of football The families gathered in South America and Europe, and they all did a good job. But FIFA wants other countries to develop, football is the most attractive sport in the world, and we want more teams to take part in this top game, which is why we want to organize games like the World Cup. ” Said Invantino.

With the world cup settled in China, the course and infrastructure of the host cities will be further improved, and the Chinese fans’ viewing environment will be further improved. This will undoubtedly mobilize the enthusiasm of the vast majority of Chinese fans, and the medium-and high-end teams will also attach importance to this high-level international event. The world’s eyes will come to China, and China will give back to a top sports event for the world’s fans!

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