Rapid Development of 5g, China’s Leading Support!

Rapid Development of 5g, China's Leading Support!



Recently, China’s three major operators announced the official launch of 5g business at 2019 China International Communication Exhibition, and the 5g tariff that Chinese consumers have been concerned about has also been officially released.

Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China Academy of information and communication, said, “in general, the 5g package tariff level in China is lower than that of the international mainstream operators. At the same time, with the further promotion of network speed-up and cost reduction, domestic communication users have gradually changed from focusing on cost reduction to paying more attention to the quality and experience of communication services. According to the differentiated services, it will become the future development trend. “

Li Zhen, an analyst with CCID Consulting Information and communication industry research center, said that from the perspective of tariff amount alone, 5g package is higher than 4G package, which may be difficult for ordinary users to accept for a while. But in fact, in the way of billing by traffic, the unit traffic price of 5g network is not higher than 4G.


Li Zhen believes that, on the one hand, operators should constantly adjust 5g tariff and eventually reduce it to a reasonable range; on the other hand, users should also realize that China’s 5g network tariff pricing is at the lowest level in the world.

Wang Zhiqin said that at present, the overall positioning of 5g package tariff is medium and high-end, mainly because in the early commercial stage, the network coverage is concentrated in the hot spot area, facing the user groups with higher requirements for network bandwidth and greater demand, providing more advanced technology and richer content of network services at a relatively high cost. With the improvement of 5g network coverage, network carrying capacity and the growth of user scale, the network construction and operation cost will be gradually diluted, and 5g tariff level will also be reduced.

There will be several changes in 5g traffic charges. First, further optimize the pricing according to the network speed, and launch a diversified “traffic + speed” mode to meet the needs of different user groups, such as the low threshold and speed limit package of 30-40 yuan; second, content charging and third-party payment will rise, such as just paying a few yuan for watching a movie on demand on the video website, and the traffic fee will be provided by the movie provider; third, there will be a per service category and per site In the future, 5g will be widely used in the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and operators can set differentiated charges according to business characteristics. Fourth, special scenes may be priced according to different service methods, such as concerts, stadiums, concerts and other places where the flow of people fluctuates significantly.


According to the relevant person in charge of marketing department of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., at present, China Telecom 5g package has some characteristic services with free traffic, and different free application contents for different users. It can be seen that the mode of content payment and third-party payment has emerged quietly.

Before that, the three major operators opened 5g package booking, with more than 10 million users booking in more than ten days. Nowadays, 5g tariff is officially released. Whether the reservation volume can be turned into a real user depends on a series of supporting services such as network and terminal.

This time, the three major operators announced the official opening of 5g business in the first 50 cities in China, with a slightly different list. At present, the first 5g base stations in China are mainly laid in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other economically developed cities. Taking Beijing as an example, China Mobile has built and installed more than 5000 5g base stations, which are mainly concentrated in the core areas of the Fifth Ring Road and suburban counties except the South Fourth Ring Road, and built the first 5g full coverage line in China on metro line 16; Beijing Unicom has opened more than 6000 5g base stations, with the coverage rate of more than 70% in the Sixth Ring Road, and the key areas outside the sixth ring road have been continuously covered.

According to relevant planning, 130000 5g base stations will be built in 50 cities in the year. Next year is expected to be a large-scale construction period of 5g base station, and 5g will be gradually deployed to various cities in China.

In addition to tariff and network, consumers also care about 5g terminals. At the communication exhibition, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China United Network Communication Group Co., Ltd., introduced that at present, more than 10 5g commercial mobile phones have been launched, with the lowest price of 3600 yuan; at the beginning of next year, 5g mobile phones with more variety and higher cost performance will also be launched.

At present, the number of 5g intelligent terminals produced in China has led the world. In the first stage of the introduction of each generation of new mobile communication technology products, it is a normal phenomenon that the price is too high. In the future, the price will tend to be stable and fall to a range acceptable to the public.

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