Champions League: Barca 0-0 draw Prague Slavia

Champions League: Barca 0-0 draw Prague Slavia

At 01:55 on November 6, Beijing time, the fourth round of Group F of the 19 th Champions League Group stage began. At Nou Camp, Barcelona drew 0 at home with Brageslavia. Messi World Wave hit the crossbar, Vidal scored a goal but was blown offside, Albain left the game.

Barcelona’s record of scoring 45 consecutive games at home ended, according to the World Sports News. This game is Barcelona has failed to score at home for the first time in more than a year. The last time they failed to break through their opponent’s gate at Nou Camp was February 11, 2018, when Barcelona drew 0 at home with Hertafe.


Sitting at home against the group’s weakest opponent, did not want Barcelona to be a word of the opponent’s serpentine, unable to complete the effective attack. The results of 0-0, showing the paleness of Balved tactics, but also reflects the lack of barcelona attack line for the ability to impact the restricted area. Relying too much on Messi’s creativity and talent, the result is the opponent’s extremely targeted horizontal line of defense fall dead trapped. Balved’s replacement adjustment, still did not hit the opponent’s pain, draw results are more because of the rigid and stagnant coach thinking.

In this game, Prague’s tactical deployment is very targeted, their goal is to trap Messi, do not let him play their own power. As you can see, the 4141 formation of Prague, in the retreat to both sides of the avant-garde O’Leinka and Schevchak back to both sides of the full-back. In this way, the formation of a 6-defender horizontal position. When necessary, the back waist will also fall into the centre-guard line, and even form a horizontal position of seven people, so that 2 centre-avant-garde harassment. Once Barcelona let Messi or Dembele withdraw to pick up the ball, Prague will let the back of the waist out, forming a midfield line of three people hanged. In fact, in the face of this, Standing, the most effective means of attack is to break the surface after the longitudinal impact, but the continuous starting Vidal state is not very good, so the actual combat effect is general. More opportunities came from the front of flank Semedo, but failed to score.

Once the Macy’s back, there will be someone to come with the guard, while the back of the back line is 6 people out of the line. As a result, Bassa is very difficult to play the ground in the middle of the road. In the middle of the middle of the road, Bassa left Bidal and Devon to make up for the absence of the center in Suarez. In this way, there is a problem in the absence of lateral pick-up points for the withdrawal of the ball, either Macy or Gliczman. It is difficult to form the collision wall in the middle of the middle, trying to send a straight plug to the crowd, and the effect is not good. In this way, there is a problem in the absence of lateral pick-up points for the withdrawal of the ball, either Macy or Gliczman. It’s hard to form the middle-middle collision wall, and I’d like to give it to The crowd sent a straight plug and the effect was not good.

Glitzman retreated to pick up and then wanted to shove straight into the middle of Messi’s encounter with his opponent and cut the ball at the waist. The horizontal width of the opponent and the local tightening of the midfield limit Barcelona’s central cooperation, but also limit the Barcelona full-back width of the offensive effect. Busquets wanted to get straight to Messi after receiving the ball, only to be intercepted by the centre-back of his opponent, who was posted next to Messi. Messi was trapped by his opponent’s 640s or 721 back in the game. His breakthroughs and passing characteristics have been curbed to a certain extent.


Macy’s been at the end of the attack. He pulled back to the back waist and took the ball, and then Macy split the ball to Langley. When Peck was preparing for a long pass, Macy had run back to the front of the line, and even took Peck’s long ball. But then Macy wanted to complete a fatal blow in front of the restricted area, but he couldn’t find the chance. First, one of the midfielder’s defenders stuck, and then wanted to turn to the far-away, Alba, and then be locked up by the Concorde’s Prague player, allowing the one-time attack to die. In the face of such a situation, Bassa has also made a certain level of tactical adjustment, making the team’s attack a bit of a color. Key from At the foot of the landing, the pace of the ball and the passing of the ball, and the so-called plug-in.

Barcelona last missed at home in the Champions League on April 19, 2017, when they were eliminated from the Champions League’s 0-0 draw with Juventus in the second leg of the Champions League 1-4 final. From then on until this game, Barcelona scored goals in 12 Champions League home games, scoring 35 goals and averaged 2.9 goals per game. Brageslavia also became the first team to face Barcelona in the Champions League group stage since Benfica in December 2012. After this game, Barcelona ranked first in Group F with 8 points, while Brageslavia scored one point each at Inter and Barcelona at home, with two points.

At the same time, this is the first time that the Rossoneri have not scored a goal for the first time since the two-and-a-half years.

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