The Lakers beat the Suns on the road

The Lakers beat the Suns on the road

On November 13 th, the Suns played the Lakers at home, and Rondo came back from injury. The two teams were so anxious in the game that the Suns, led by Rubio and Booker, began to bloom and rain three points, while the Lakers clenched the score with James, thick eyebrows and Kuzma scoring. James and Kuzma scored three points in a row at a critical moment in the last quarter to help the Lakers pull the score. In the end, the Lakers played away to Rick the Suns.


Sun: Rubio, Booker, Ubray, Saric, Baines

Lakers: Bradley, Danny Green, James, Anthony Davies, McGee

Sun (6-4): Surrey 18,7,2, Baines 20,6,3, Booker 21,9, Rupees 21,4,10, Cameron-Johnson 11,4, and Carminsky 16,9.

Lakers (8-2): James 19 points 7 boards 11 assists, thick eyebrows 24 points 12 boards 4 support 2, McGee 11 points 3 boards 3 help, Tielin 14 points 3 help, Bradley 8 points 5 help, Kuzma 23 points 4 boards, pop 2 points, Howard 12 points 9 boards, Rondo 5 points 6 boards 7 help, Cook 3 points 2 help.

The Lakers started the game quickly, Green hit three points, thick eyebrows hit the second attack. But the sun then slowly found a feel, Booker hit, Baines and Rubio hit three points, the Suns overtook the score. In the middle of this quarter, the Lakers perform a wonderful attack and defense, James seconds to help thick eyebrows buckle points, then thick eyebrow big hat Ublay, the Lakers hit back defensively, James held the ball to break through the basket, the Lakers scored in a row to stop the Suns. After the pause, the sun adjusted to find the rhythm on the outside line, Rubio and Saric hit three points to help the sun continue to lead by 20 to 15. Although Kuzma then hit three points, Booker immediately Kaminski scored four points in a row, Kaminski scored three more points, and the Suns expanded the lead to 27 points. In the last minute of the quarter, Kuzma burst out. He fought back and broke through, scoring six points in a row, helping the Lakers chase the score to 26 points at the end of the first quarter.


When the two teams came back, the two teams were in the state of a saw, and James was strong enough to hit three points, but the rupee was 2 + 1 and hit CIC, and the sun was kept in a weak lead. However, the more the Lakers were in the middle of this section, Mr. Cook hit three points, and James and Howard bombed the basket and the Lakers finished the game. The sun then completed the adjustment in a timely manner, and they rediscovered the feel at the outside line, with the three points in Carminsky and Surrey Chia, helping the team regain the lead in 51-48. But the Lakers, at the end of this section, followed the offensive, with a continuous killing of 6 points, and Mr. Green also threw three points, and the Lakers were 57. -53 re-over again. In the end, Cameron-Johnson scored three points for the sun, and the sun stopped slightly at the end of the half at a time of 58-60.


Then the two teams began to attack, McKbased continued to score in the line, and Bradley was in the middle of the game, but the sun’s Baines and Rupiao had a three-point return on the ground, and the score was on many occasions. The burning situation has continued to the second half of this section, and the sun’s Baines and Surrey are three points in the second half, but the match between the thick and the James wheels continues to be critical. The last attack on this section, Popper hit, helped the Lakers to end the third quarter with 95-92. .

In the final quarter, the Suns continued to feel outside, Cameron Johnson scored three more points, but Rondo assisted James and Kuzma in the basket and the Lakers continued to take the lead. The two teams had a three-point rain in the middle of the quarter, with Green and thick eyebrows hitting three points for the Lakers, but Saric and Cameron Johnson of the Suns immediately returned three points and the score clenched. However, the Lakers then hit a decline in shooting, Rubio played 21, and assisted Booker to fight back quickly, the Suns beat the Lakers with 113 times 111, directly stop the Lakers. After the suspension, the Lakers regained their outside feel. James and Kuzma scored three points in a company. The Lakers set up a seven-point lead with 120 points in one fell swoop.

In the last game, the Raptors, who were short of major generals, lost their standard and were overturned with a double-digit lead. “We are a team that can bounce back quickly,” James said. “We are not perfect. We don’t like losing, but we’ll turn to the next game and hope to get stronger. “

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