Here comes the golden rooster again!

Here comes the golden rooster again!

Here comes the golden rooster again. Rong mammy and ziwei together frame, stars sea project, Jackson attended the opening ceremony. Xiamen, in late November, is a star-studded, romantic seaside city surrounded by a circle of “star” light lace. On the evening of Nov. 23, the awards of the 28th golden rooster and hundred flowers film festival will be announced.Take a look at this year’s nominees in advance. Some of them may be familiar or unfamiliar, but I know them all.

Here comes the golden rooster again!
Here comes the golden rooster again!

Best picture, which is the biggest prize of the golden rooster awards — it’s hard to guess the prizes when you look at the six nominated films.

Two adapted from real events, DYING TO SURVIVE and Operation Red Sea, two literary feature films, SO LONG,MY SON, later we, and a science fiction film, WANDERING EARTH.

These six movies, even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve almost certainly heard of them. But it doesn’t matter if you hear it or not. The biggest difference between the golden rooster award and the public hundred flowers award is that it is the “expert award”. To some extent, this can avoid fans’ behavior of swiping tickets and sending bad films to the top of the list. Who is the golden rooster best picture? Stop guessing, DYING TO SURVIVE.

Here comes the golden rooster again!
Here comes the golden rooster again!

Last year’s film Operation Red Sea, which swept the 34th annual Volkswagen 100 flowers awards, is the favorite to win the award this year. But judging from the awards of the past, DYING TO SURVIVE, WANDERING EARTH and SO LONG,MY SON are not afraid. Look at the box office. WANDERING EARTH is one of the TOP3 films at the Chinese box office. Both in terms of the construction of science fiction world view and the production of special effects, it is commendable, “opening the first year of Chinese science fiction film”. But the script for WANDERING EARTH is more buggy, and the best picture award may seem a bit contrived. DYING TO SURVIVE, both in terms of the emotional tension shown in the subject matter and the social response caused after the film was broadcast, is more than the competing films.

Also relying on real events, DYING TO SURVIVE is better than Operation Red Sea in the ups and downs of the plot and the use of camera language. After two contests, Operation Red Sea has been basically by K.O. As an art film, SO LONG,MY SON wins in the content of the story and the performance of the actors. However, the narrative technique of the whole film is too plain, and the impressive scenes and fragments are inferior TO DYING TO SURVIVE.

Directing is an important but behind-the-scenes job. There are many things to consider when awarding a director an award, including but not limited to the overall quality of the film, the director’s work, the use of camera language, the grasp of the overall narrative structure and rhythm, and the depiction of different characters. There are six nominees this time, wang xiaoshuai, lv le, lam chaoxian, dong yue, guo fan and huo meng.

The film WANDERING EARTH is the beginning of the success of Chinese sci-fi films. In this type of film, there are not many Chinese templates to learn from, so the director’s skills are more demanding. In “WANDERING EARTH”, both the construction of the science fiction world view and the completion of the science fiction painting are first-class. Guo fan shows a firm belief in the film. With the recognition of WANDERING EARTH, guo fan has created more possibilities for Chinese films.

Wang jingchun, Yang taiyi, duan yihong, xu zheng, tu men, fu dalong, the golden rooster award best actor shortlisted lineup, is a low-key group of death.

Here comes the golden rooster again!
Here comes the golden rooster again!

Each of the nominated actors has already won the affirmation of the best actor in various international film festivals. Wang jingchun won the best actor in Berlin international film festival this year for liu yaojun in SO LONG,MY SON. Duan yihong won best actor at the Tokyo international film festival for his role as yu guowei. Fu da long is early before, already was beautiful watch award and golden rooster award “double” best actor; Xu zheng, cheng yong in DYING TO SURVIVE, tu meng and Yang in Old Beast have already swept the best actor awards at home and abroad. Yang taiyi, looks like the most strange face. He is indeed the most junior of the six, making his screen debut, but previously won the best actor award at pingyao international film festival for his role as li fuchang.

Chen kaige always said that acting, in fact, is playing character relations. And acting “true”, especially important. At this point, wang jingchun’s performance in SO LONG,MY SON is sincere enough. He said he was “not an actor in the play, it is a porter” of life, no outsize technique, only a human from mature to CanNian: “a long life” is also a play, holding a dying loved one run, shortness of footsteps when he was young, the old age slowly, heavy fit simple details are handled.

If you look at the nominees for best actress, it’s clear that the national profile is a little bigger than the male lead. “After 90” golden horse queen zhou dongyu, the midlife era sent actresses yao Chen, ma yili, more than 20 years of veteran actor yong mei, popular actress bai baihe and new actor zhao xiaoli.

First say Bai baihe, once hundred flowers award best actress. As her popularity has declined because of her private life, controversy over her acting skills has also followed. The most common criticism is that after many years in the business, “everything is A white book”. The odds are against it. Best of all, she may not be as good as the new actor zhao xiaoli, the face of the subtle expression is a play.

Today’s zhou dongyu, the limelight temporarily no two, not only the performance can be praised, the role breakthrough ability is also gradually improved, her label has been more than “mou girl”. Unfortunately, zhou dongyu is running for the role of fang xiaoxiao in US AND THEM. The script of this movie is not very outstanding, AND the female lead role is hardly a plus.

The saying that a character and an actor make each other perfect is best expressed in the competition for this award.

The two main actors in LOST,FOUND, ma yili and yao Chen, have both been nominated for the award, and their performances in the film are very close. However, yao Chen’s role similarity is quite high in the past two years. In contrast, ma yili’s character image and acting ability in LOST,FOUND, which makes people “not recognize ma yili”, is more impressive, which gives her many points.

Bringing the performance back to life is an important criterion for judging the performance of actors these days. And yong mei in “SO LONG,MY SON” performance than ma yili had no. Moreover, in terms of the role itself, wang liyun is more popular and memorable than sun fang.

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