what are your favourite sources for latest security news tools techniques breaches learning material ?

1. Krebs Security

Brian Krebs is the man behind Krebs on Security. Hacked in 2001, he started to become interested personal online security. He is one of the renowned name in the current security landscape. Krebs covering topics from the latest threats, invasion of privacy, and cyber criminals, as well as the main security news and alerts. He is also an author.
2. Schneier on Security

Another cybersecurity blog worth reading every day is the one belonging to Bruce Schneier who is an internationally renowned security technologist, called “guru security” by The Economist. He wrote books, hundreds of articles, essays and security papers on cybersecurity. At the same time, he is a known figure in the media.

The press recognizes him as an important voice for online security, not only for knowledge about this issue but also because of how he expresses his opinion.
3. Tao Security

Tao Security blog run by Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Strategist at Corelight. He was previously Chief Security Strategist at FireEye and Mandiant’s cheif Security Officer when FireEye obtained Mandiant. Richard started a digital security career as a military intelligence officer in 1997 in the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT), the Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC), and the Air Intelligence Agency (AIA). He is also a graduate of Harvard University and the United States Air Force Academy. The fourth book is “The Practice of Supervision Network Security”.

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