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It’s kind of an obvious choice, but I have to give the top spot for Wired and especially to their collection daily blog exploring our path towards the future. If I were pressed to choose, I would immediately say that the level of threat is not only my favorite blog at Wired but on the web site as a whole. There are many bloggers out there (and I include myself in this case) are fine in what we do and are happy to comment on the world around us, but few have such a detailed understanding and depth of understanding of the topics they select as a writer over at Wired.

All the blogs they are very good and each had its own deserves to be on this list, but Threat Level only take on an interesting aspect of the modern era (online privacy, crime and security) that I find almost every post there for revelation. The team over at Wired writer at the forefront of reporting in often unexpected accessible cultural paradigm shift, and focus their implicit in the freedom and overall concern for the collective welfare of society can never be applauded enough.

I have missed something, but what is it? Let us know by leaving a comment below! And for all you futurist bloggers out there who feel left out, you have not forgotten. Stay here…

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