which are the worst news sports pundits and anchors ?

Stephen A. Smith-NBA Analyst, ESPN

Last night was a long night of NBA action. You know that was looming like a girl with shoulder quarterback waiting for you outside the classroom from your last class of the day. They at some point, will go to Stephen A. Smith, and you’ll be listening to his nasal voice make judgments about anything strange from the state of the game to that should not be Tweeting.

Too often, Stephen tries to become the story, rather than reporting or analyzing.

Maybe it was the end of her brief show, Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, in which he gave a catch phrase wanna-be, “This is my house, but you’re welcome anytime.”

Then again, it could be a declaration that the lockout will be over in a week. And then as the weeks went by, he was looking for a fresh reason to try and keep him from getting buried in holes dug.

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