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The 2021 FIFA World Cup Will Be Hosted By China

At 12:00 Beijing time on October 24, FIFA held a press conference in Shanghai, at which FIFA President Invantino officially announced that after a unanimous vote by the FIFA Council, the people’s Republic of China will hold a new reform, the 2021 World Cup every four years.

Beijing Daxing Airport—Chinese Phoenix

Recently, the grandeur of the new Beijing Daxing airport has once again pushed the Chinese people’s social upsurge. After seven comprehensive simulation exercises and three validation flight, Beijing Daxing International Airport ushered in its “Phoenix wings” highlight in September, which also means that Beijing, China has become the first city in the world with double international hub airports.

What Does An Old Hero Mean In Today’s Society?

This year is more important than glory for China. It is the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. In the long river of history, those old heroes also reappear in people’s minds. Mai Xiande, is one of the old heroes known as “iron and steel soldiers”, was awarded the national honorary title of “people’s hero” this year.

The female doctor was assassinated and killed. Where does the doctor-patient relationship go?

On the morning of October 22, a female doctor in Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital, Feng, was killed in the hospital, and Yang, the suspect, was a patient with anal intestinal cancer who had been operated in the hospital. Despite the full rescue, Feng’s death is still unfortunate. According to the preliminary investigation, Yang had a patient with rectal cancer and had a surgery at the provincial people’s hospital. The suspect is currently under control by the police and the case is under further investigation.

“Paradox” new curriculum of Fudan University

Recently, a new course called “paradox” opened by Fudan University in Shanghai, China, has been on the hot search list, arousing the curiosity and attention of netizens. This class is about 12 professors from different disciplines of literature, science, engineering and medicine in Fudan University, who explain to students what is “pseudoscience”.