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iPhone 11 Series is Coming soon

Last night, Apple officially launched the iPhone 11 series at its 2019 fall conference. In line with previous exposure, the rear camera of the full line of the products of the iPhone 11 has become square. The innovation of Apple this time is more than it seems to be.

Shared Bicycles to be Changed

Recently, some netizens on Weibo have posted some shared bicycles with yellow body and the words “Meituan Bicycle”, mostly taken in Beijing, Taiyuan and other cities.

Can Lei Jun Win 1 Billion from Dong Mingzhu this Time?

Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE Electrical Appliances, said in Beijing on August 28, that the 1 billion bet with Lei Jun was over and the result was known to all. She said that she didn’t want one billion yuan and that she would like to gamble with Lei Jun for another five years. Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi responded, “I think I can give it a shot.”

Will Costco Launch in Shanghai Change Brick-and-Mortar Retailing in China?

The world’s second largest retailer, Costco Wholesale Corp launched its first brick-and-mortar store on August 27 in Shanghai, China’s economic and financial center. It caused a huge traffic jam in the low-traffic suburban area nearby. The store was also once shut off temporarily due to the over popularity of the customers on its opening day.

Director of Black Cat Sheriff Passed away

According to the news from Shanghai Animation Film Studio Weibo, the well-known art film artists, first-class director Mr. Dai Tielang passed away at 19:25 on September 4, 2019, aged 89. He was a member of Association International du Film Animation (ASIFA), China Animation Association, China Animation Society, and China Artists Association. Mr. Dai Tielang enjoyed special allowances from the China Council. He was the director and writer of the animated film Black Cat Sheriff.

Have You Tried ZAO APP already?

On the evening of August 30, the circle of friends was blown up by a new mobile application called ZAO, which belongs to Beijing Momo Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and is produced by Changsha Fusion Technology Company, founded by two co-founders of Momo.