what’s the best news site for switch news ?

Nintendo World Report
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best spanish language news source for global news

BBC Mundo is a website that offers news for Spanish-speakers across the world. You can find different topics, such as Latin American, International, Economy, Health, Science, Society and Culture or Sports. The online news site offers also a video section where you can also listen to Spanish news, a very interesting option to improve your listening and pronunciation skills. BBC Mundo is the favorite choice to practice Spanish.

the best your favorite neutral news sites and youtube news channels

YouTube’s World News channel draws videos from the top news sources on the network to create a single news megachannel. If you’re a serious news buff, this is a great way to find all of the latest coverage, no matter who’s covering it. Expect dozens of new videos every day as the channel pulls in the best of what YouTube has to offer.

why does bad news travel faster than good news ?

First of all, people generally have a curiosity mentality, and bad news often involves unpublished, hard to tell content, and may even involve some truth, which has a strong attraction for people. Secondly, the feeling of hearing bad news, just like hearing “gossip” behind it, will have a sense of superiority to get unknown news, prophets, and a sense of excitement like getting treasure. In addition, people have some suppressed negative emotions and ideas, and some bad news itself is to cater to people’s suspicions, attacks, defense and other negative psychology fabricated stories, to these dark psychology provides a “light” carrier.

Would you Like Coffee or Gasoline?

More and more people are interested in the coffee industry today. On September 3, Easy Joy Supermarket of Sinopec Group officially released its new brand “Easy Joy Coffee”, and the first batch of Easy Joy coffee shops will be opened in nine petrochemical gas stations in Suzhou.