Chinese captain ranks in the top ten in film history at the box office

In recent years, more and more high-quality films have been born in mainland China, winning high box office, such as “Wolf Warriors 2”, “wandering Earth”, “I am not the god of medicine”, “Action Red Sea”, “the birth of Nezha” and so on, which are loved by many audiences. As far as the box office is concerned, several films are also in the top 10 of the box office list in mainland China. However, a new film has been ranked in the top 10 and has been praised.

< Maleficent: Mistress of Evil >: The Brilliance of Maternal Love

On October 18 ,2019 ,< Maleficent: Mistress of Evil > goes online in China and the United States at the same time. Maleficent, the villain witch in < Sleeping Beauty >, has become the heroine of the series. If is to explore how a person is going to evil and to be cruel, then is telling us that the mother love can make the witch full of human touch.

how can you tell the difference between legitimate news and fake news ?

Stop and think about the story. Whether the claims actually sound like something someone really going to say or do? It is particularly revealing if the “thing” that is associated with professional journalists, politicians, intellectuals or business people, because professionals often know better than to make absolutely ridiculous claims-not always, but this is a good primary test. If your reaction is “WOW! Does he / she really say THAT? “It should be set out in your mind alert. Note that this logic must be suspended what was said by Donald Trump.