this is a good news this is good news

In short, no.It’s grammatically incorrect and sounds awkward to native English speakers. The word “news” is one of those words that sounds plural (meaning there’s more than one) but is actually singular (there’s only one).In English, most nouns add “-s” or “-es” to the end of the word to make it plural; cat becomes cats, house becomes houses. Sometimes, the entire word changes in the plural: mouse becomes mice, goose becomes geese. Some words can be plural or singular, depending on the context— moose is one example that can be one animal or a whole herd.So, back to your question. “News” is like the word “scissors” or “pants”. It’s generally understood that although it sounds plural, it’s actually singular. These kinds of nouns are called plurale tantum. In order to use the article/adjective “a”, you’d need to change the way you phrase it.“I’ve got a bit of good news.”“I have a lot of good news.”Otherwise, the correct way to say it is, “I have good news.”

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